Come Out of Her My People

"It's horrifying to find we've been 
decieved unto damnation, but its yet 
nowhere near the state of depression should one 
discover he hasn't the faith in his God 
that he thought he had, to then trust Him 
enough to come out from among that idolatry.

 If unchanged, such torment becomes one's first
 taste of hell."



The "Come out of her" wording, specifically using the noun "her", has some believers thinking that this verse only refers to the Catholic church itself (as they would love it if you stopped there in your thinking), but no, once one truly studies this whole struggle out between YHWH's law and man's rebellion to that law (and the utterly massive shield that masques this Romish beast), that "church" then, is actually just the beginning.  It is only the wide opening front door to a huge global satanic system of tyrannical law whose purpose is to get you to render unto Caesar what (in a true believer's heart) is actually and lawfully YHWH's:  Which is your loyalty to His sovereign jurisdiction over you.  That is the whole purpose behind the secret ways that they have ammased such a huge system (designed as a front behind a front behnd a front), so that satan can keep the deepest and most critical knowledge of the Father and His authority over "His People" far and away from us, keeping millions therefore condemned to hell having been deceived just as the devil had begun learning his trade as "head liar" in the garden, with Eve being the very first of mankind to be misled into "switching loyalties".       Can we "switch back" once we know we've been even more covenentally (contractually) decieved again in our time?    ...or can we somehow safely stay in one of those illusionary 'fronts' or 'layers' of satan's creation, gullibly thinking we are in some kind of consentually agreed-to 'neutral zone' in that beast machinery?


Before we begin in this section, remember...

Don't let satan or the law remedy groups trick you into thinking that there is!

There are only two places of destination after we leave this life, and there is no mention in the Bible of a place for the "moderates' to go.  It speaks of either an eternal life with Christ or a hell--nothing else.   In Revelation 3:16 it tell us very clearly that anyone thinking they can get away with straddling the fence between Father and the 

Satan's Neutral Ground ‎‎( 6-minute YouTube Version )‎‎

dark one, will be considered "lukewarm" and neither hot nor cold, where anyone discovered to be in that "neutral zone" will be in for a very painful surprise upon that day":

"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name, and in thy name cast out devils, and in the name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."  (Matt. 7:22,23) 

Those therefore who have fallen for the deception that there is some sort of "neutral ground" between God and satan, or between believers and the non-religious, etc, are fooling themselves, as even the so-called "non-believers" have their own god...  themselves, thus they are doing the commandment of satan, which is to "do what thou wilt" and be as their own gods.
So to finish that passage of Yeshua above...
"Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock ... and every one that heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand..."
Father has sent the Son to draw a line in the sand my friends (see diagram here) and is calling us to come to His side of how the world should be.  Are we going to try and straddle that line by pretending to ourselves that He is not serious?  and that He won't have the heart to cast the less devoted of us into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth?  Well, it seems to have even started (as many of us are starting to believe), based on an amazing amount of people who are polarizing, where the sheep are being separated from the goats as we speak.  Don't wait til that ark door makes that loud slamming noise, choose YHWH's ways of purity for yourself now.  

"Google docs" version of the above video here in the event that the youtube version will not play for you.

And just in case any of you might still think that the world does not see it that way, and the "secular" world is somehow still truly neutral, let's look at how the illuminati themselves and their own chart show where "secular" fits in:

As the above chart clearly shows on the bottom line, "secular" is literally a class of humanism and the lowest class of people, or the "working class peasantry" inside their own pyramid formation.  The "secular" are then not considered neutral at any stretch of tha imagination being that such a sategory is even listed in their own diagram, but are even directly under their own luciferian system of jurisdiction and structure. So don't kid yourselves brothers and sisters!  There is no such thing as a neutral ground between our heavenly Father and satan, even according to the satanists!

One part of "coming out from among them" is not just to get away from the biblical or "religious" evils that we are discovering, but to also distance oneself from all of Caesar's unbiblical "steal and give" provision systems and step away from America's "Egyptianism" which is nothing more than a full blown modern-day plan of satanic enslavement under a Masonic "Golden-calf"-fashioned law system of humanism not unlike what Egypt had.  It can only be successful when it is widely supported by those who "voluntarily" accept its terms of "personhood" over our otherwise higher honor of "sainthood" in YHWH's Covenant.   But we can't step out in our hearts, until we see the whole system as evil, not just the parts we are comfortable stepping away from, where we then have to "study to shew ourselves approved":

Stepping away from the U.S. Constitution in our hearts is certainly a great start for the true believer.  It says that, "I no longer want to be seen professing that I want to steal from my brethren via man's laws and satan's candy dish."  But to then reach into satan's candy dish after all and take whatever candy we want from our over-taxed, oppressed neighbor anyway (via social security benefits, unemployment, the "common purse" of insurances, etc,) is the actual physical end of the very proclamation that we had said we wanted to have no part of, and if we are yet taking from that candy dish (or even using it in any way that appears that we condone it), we are then being hypocrites of our own proclaimed cause.  So both one's public disconnect to the document, and the cessation of the act of "partaking of her sins" (Rev. 18:4) should go hand in hand to properly "come out from among them" with more honesty and integrity.

Those who understand this conflict of interests and who then otherwise want to stand in a more complete level of separation from the beast system as the example above would alert them, following all of one's heart that says (as the psalmist wrote), "I hate every false way", is distancing ourselves from even the "lukewarm puritan wanna-bees" who still yet want to pick and choose what parts they "come out of"...  cafeteria style, rather than coming out in completeness via total faith, where we should be hoping for the whitest wedding garments (not soiled ones), "perfecting holiness" and presenting ourselves to our Savior in what I now might call "full spectrum purity."

But we are to come out from all areas of this beast system if we are truly proclaiming ourselves to be the "called out ones", where we are not just coming out of the "church-related" aspects (which are often hard to distinguish from many other areas of ethical separation anyway) but to come out of all areas including the monitory and sweat equity areas that, via the mirage of that "help yourself" candy dish, oppress our neighbors in principle just as much as the tyrants do (if not more).

Perhaps we could look at the overall picture via this simple line of reasoning:

-The 501c3 contract (by unbiblical law) makes the state the "creator" of one's "church"*.

-The U.S. Constitution is a contract that (by unbiblical law) makes "We the People" (government god) the "creator" of one's nation and its further usurped laws**. 

-One's faithful possession and use of the social security card and number is a public acknowledgment or "mark" that the possessor has made and/or still stands in an agreement to accept benefits from this very same unbiblical church/state system as a ward of the state, where he/she is no longer under the sovereign protection of YHWH.  "ye cannot serve two masters".

simple question:  if it is not mandatory to stand with such a beast system status, why are supposed Bible believers doing so?  Why do they not "come out from among them and be separate?

* See video: "Government Takeover of the Church" here for full explanation of this "legal" situation where the church deceptively becomes a "creation" of the state rather than remain a Creation (as a church) of the Messiah.

**see preamble and article six for sufficient wording to show "We the People" as "supreme authority", that "ordains and establishes" the state (and thereby its willing, contracting inhabitants) as creations (wards of the state) under their incorporation status rather than under YHWH's sovereign authority.  Although the word "Creator" is literally used in the Declaration of Independence and absent from the Constitution, it is clearly clarified nonetheless in the Constitution that the "supreme authority" is the Constitution itself under the "We the People" god/state that then becomes the "creator" that is by its own decree, technically enthroned above YHWH, and above the true "Creator", the God of the Bible.  Thus all who "take the mark" (sign up with) this beast and who willfully "partake of her sins" will "receive of her plagues"  (Rev. 18:4)

In several places in Scripture, we are warned to "come out of her" or "Come out from among them", etc.

What I have noticed, is that the simple mechanics of Scriptural prophecy or the "connecting of the dots" in this phenomenon, is hard to ignore in our biblically-exploding times, but even harder to convey to those who aren't listening, and...   due to its own mechanisms.  Let me explain.

In II Corinthians 6:14-18 we read, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers ... come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord"

In Revelation 18:4 it seems to get more serious, as it heads into the end times, due certainly to the urgency and polarizing of the two camps of YHWH vs. Satan, where it says:
"Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."
This is clearly speaking of the Rome-led, empirical global beast system and its many tentacles that have recently been fully discovered to have ensnared the world in a huge deceptive spider web of fate in the numerous jurisdictional trappings that these luciferians have devised over time.

But in that last passage it says that we should not partake of her sins, that we then do not receive of her plagues.  Partaking of her sins would be the benefits and perks that seem to the average Joe, to just innocently come from this beast system's innocently-presented form of economics, but in reality are the stolen goods and sweat equity of the world's deceptively enslaved masses.   When we then partake of such benefits, we are willingly receiving stolen property in various forms, and also officially then condoning the very same system of evil that we are now crying ourselves, to be free from the tyranny of.

Yet the more incredible part, is that if we continue to partake of her sins, we then must also share in the plagues, which, according to Zechariah 14:16-19, will be the lack of "rain" or wisdom of the Holy Spirit that should otherwise shower down on the obedient saints (again, Acts 5:32) and those that "have a love for the truth" (II Thess 2:8-14) where without this "rain" or wisdom, the lukewarm and heathen will sink further and  further into the quicksand of satan's snare of the "strong delusion" for those who refuse to open their eyes, step out in faith, and "come out from among them" to show YHWH (and the world) which jurisdiction you are in, and thereby which system you are supporting.

Father will also "pick" our delusion as well when we are not able to stand for His system of truth, where we will become more and more passionate about whatever other "god" we have chosen in our hearts that might have been above Him and His ways when we were found to be unwilling to "come out from among them" (see Isaiah 66:4)
In seeing the interesting parallels that are also taking place surrounding the many examples of this that I am seeing in so many people around the nation over the past three years or so, we can see without question that this is truly happening, where those who are more diligently removing themselves from the system's many entanglements, are seemingly doing much much better discernment-wise, wisdom-wise, peace-wise, etc, which then again verifies that this reward for "coming out from among them" really is "the great comforter" or the Holy Spirit that "guides us into all truth" (John 16:13).

Those very few who have come out from among all of the various "card-carrying" programs, such as socialist security, driver's license, etc, and who have also come out of their 501c3 church systems, the pagan calendar, and on and on, seem to have much better understandings on what is going on in the spirit world around them, and even seemingly proportionally according to this obedience picture as well.   

Those who are aware of this need to become clear of the beast "sins" but are dragging their feet, are not faring so well, and are in fact, becoming more and more fearful and uncomfortable as they get more and more afraid to take any steps to free themselves from their modern day "golden calf", and to a point that some of them seem to be losing all their faith altogether here lately, where they will lose "what little they seemeth to have" (Luke 8:18) if they don't get control of their faculties and start truly nourishing their walk through some good old fashioned discipline soon.  

[Side note: Father warned the Israel nation by slaying 3,000 at the foot of Mount Sinai when they were being brought out of Egyptian captivity and tested as to which "god" they would choose, and on september 11th 2001, another 3,000 people were also slain in a "day of warning and alarm against the fortified cities and high towers" (Zeph 1:16), where HE was warning us to "come out from among" our present golden calf idolatries.  Are we listening?]

The mark of the Father in the true saint is faith, and the mark of the beast in the lost is fear.  Which one are you marked by?  Which side of the fence do you seem to be falling on?

There's also the interesting way that fluoride and other mind-decaying materials are helping to cause and accelerate such a "loss" of spiritual wisdom in those who are not nourishing "what little they seemeth to have" as well, but that's a whole new can of worms for another day.

[NOTE:  We might also tentatively see this step of purity as something like "expatriation from the beastwording it that way just to make it simple for us serious believers to put it all into a generally accepted terminology for now, but it is the concept of Father's full spectrum of purity that He has us "walking circumspectly" as wise shepherds for, and "watching thou in all things" for, in the end times refinement of those who have accepted this "scraping off of the dross" in our lives, submitting to such purity with complete faith in Him, as those of us who are walking point as leaders and role models should be in setting such higher examples.]


Deeper thoughts on this subject for those who haven't seen the seriousness of this issue of obedience in being "called out":

My dear friends, 

It took some real doing to find the time to write this in my own chaotic world right now (and so please appreciate that it might not be as delicately worded as I might be able to write it for some of you, but I need to make a point here that you guys may not have considered), and so please think this vantage point over carefully, having written this for just a few among us recently who seem to be having a little difficulty in seeing this concept as I do, and as I am certain the Father sees it.  Perhaps some of you have never thought of it the way I am about to present this, yourselves being understandably somewhat 'governmentally "neutral" and conditioned to political Correctness and the artificial love that I call "niceness" to some degree in your past churches (?), but nonetheless I think you ought to at least hear how I connect with this "Come out from among them" issue from Father's vantage point, and, in a way that you may have never thought of before today.

And what you will hear going even beyond what our brother Jeff had suggested some months back about the golden calf "representing things of law etc", now that I had taken my own reason for having "come out from among them" years ago myself, and added Jeff's illustration and how it also fits in here: 

The social security numbers, drivers licenses, insurance programs, etc, are all integral "parts" or extensions of our nation's overly admired and worshiped golden calf... the U.S. Constitution.    The Constitution represents a system of societal order.  Abstractly the birth certificate might be the head, the social security number might be the rear leg, the welfare system the other leg, etc.    Now think:  Did Moses break up the golden calf and then let people keep parts of that idol when he was punishing them for being caught worshiping (obeying; partaking in) it?

Who are we kidding to think that the ancient Israelites hadn't wanted that golden calf as their salvation, due to the provisions and "government programs" that this familiar "golden calf" system may have previously brought them in Egypt?  It was the Israelites desire for the provisions of that calf system that they had been hoping to rebuild (not the golden calf itself), as that'd be silly to think that they were so gullible as to worship a mere cow statue as if it were alive or something, agreed?   The calf was just the icon of their time's system of providence and social structure, just as the Constitution is just the paper icon of our own system of benefits and privileges today.  Now, let's go deeper:

The Constitution, yes, is our golden calf today, but the various benefits, entitlements, and programs that many won't give up are the better-tasting limbs and "blessings" (if you will) of that golden calf "government god".  They were all programs of "substitute" blessings, created as a result of that golden calf, which is why the Constitution was created in the first place, to eventually become the document that would, through metonymy, put the authority and power of who protects and provides for the people into the hands of "government god" (think "Dagon"), rather than YHWH.    The Constitution was the document yes, but the programs themselves are like the various appealing segments that made up the calf itself that the people related to as being "blessings" and "providing security" for them, with both societies (then and now) not yet trusting the providences of their true provider, YHWH!

Holding on to any of those golden calf / Constitutional "blessings" (if that is what your heart of hearts is truly trusting-in to carry you through this wrath to come) is holding on to the very same thing that some of you (those in various common law freedom or sovereign groups) say you want rid of.  You want rid of the tyranny parts of that very same golden bull that now has Masonic control over you, but you want to keep the "blessings" parts at the same time.  This would anger the Father even more if you really think about it.  For those of us who now know that the Constitution was the real turning point where our chains were being deceptively clamped onto our ankles, here's where it gets tougher to describe...

Remember, YHWH is a jealous God (2nd commandment) and just like anyone caught cheating on a spouse, how would you feel if you had given a cheating spouse another chance when caught red-handed, and she then asks you, "Can I at least let my lover take me out to dinner once in a while, or have a little fling here or there dear, till you and I patch things up?"   What would you say?   Of course not!    You'd not want any such desire of the kind in her heart, and I know, as that also happened to me in my own marriage/divorce, where my ex wanted to remain "close friends" with the guy she was cheating on me with, so I know this painful feeling first hand, and don't want to do anything like this to my Father in heaven.  I WANT to cut all ties with this beast that is competing with YHWH for mankind's affections, because I don't want to hurt Him (knowing such pain myself), as I want to make sure He knows that it is HIM that I love, worship, idolize and thereby fully trust.  Its a matter of where your heart is committed, and hoping that this is not your immediate food source, etc, especially in who you are looking to for your future hopes and provisions, etc,...    it is that level of devotion, that is important to the Father.  perhaps some of you are learning to fall in love with your Father all over again here lately in these biblically momentous times and this will eventually make sense for you and then work for you, but in the meantime the fact still remains that, untill then...  Ye cannot serve (wine and dine) two masters.  Nor can you serve two lovers.  This is the base concept of Revelation 3:16's "lukewarm" and the reason that the Father will spue such hearts out in the first place...   His jealousy.   (Remember, we were made in His image.  Were you ever painfully jealous like I was in loving someone that much and the feeling was suddenly found to be no longer mutual?)  Please also look up 2nd Corinthians 11:2 (and the surrounding text).   Are we, just as the church in Corinth, holding on to "another Jesus" for our "blessing parts", and simultaneously expecting YHWH to then give us the "knight in shining armor rescue parts" in spite of such disloyalty?  Are we presenting ourselves as a chaste virgin to Christ as that passage says?   or are we arrogantly saying that we should be allowed to cheat on our Groom-to-be, perhaps even up until the day that He literally "proves Himself" to really be there ready for us, maybe with endless bushels of food and drink, etc, and takes us as His bride (being only at that point completely reassured that he will take care of us from then on)?   Did not Yeshua say that such need for signs and wonders (verifications of His promises) is evil?  (see Matt 12:39; Matt 16:4; Mark 8:12; Luke 11:29,30)   Where is our faith?  Is it not "by faith that we are saved" (rescued from this world?)  Is it not by faith in one another that a truly happy marriage stays together?

This is just some of the deeper parts that many folks don't hear in their pretend churches today, being more caught up and "conditioned" in the man-generated 501c3c churches, television, watered-down Bibles, endless freedom meetings, etc, instead of having an anxious heart that passionately yearns to hear more about how to better please their Father (of whom their entire nation has been literally "cheating on" and are now still cheating to get the "good parts", want YHWH's love and help, to save them from their "other lover" and the "bad parts" of (again) who they are yet cheating with).  simply put: If your estranged wife came to you and asked you to help her get her other lover to just quit beating her every once in a while, while she simultaneously continued romancing him everyday as a lover, would you come to her rescue during the moments when he was beating her, especially if you knew she was going to be giving her affections to him instead of you the next night all over again? 

Is this starting to make sense here as to how this "Lukewarmness" could be painfully heartbreaking to our Creator?  

Yet if a soul's heart is seeking only His own side of YHWH's covenant agreement and his own interests, does that soul truly want to reciprocally please the Father out of love, especially knowing that YHWH has a heart too?    ...or are such folks just "going through the basic motions" of as many Commandments and instructions as they feel they can "get away with" (hoping without much worry that is), hoping it'll be "close enough" (lukewarm), doing so thinking only to save their backsides from this coming doom?   [Remember, that the doom is itself sent of a wrath of YHWH upon those who don't want to seek His face and truly love Him in return in the first place, where we are back to square one!  A one-way street love!]    YHWH can tell if a man is avoiding the hearing of his daily messages, preachers, and Bible studies because there is no passion in his heart when he speaks of his love for His Creator. His passion is only there once in a while, not as often as possible as a real marriage would find spouses yearning to never leave one another's side, Amen?    Its like the guy who is just "dating" a women, and once a week or so, spending time with that individual, not "buying the cow but getting the milk through the fence free"(as they say)...  he doesn't love her enough to commit to marriage, but at the same time wants the occasional benefits of the physical aspects of such an arrangement, which is why it is evil in YHWH's eyes, as it is the same as this situation here with idolatry.   If one only wants the "blessings" parts of the deal, leaving the parts of jealousy that hurt the Father to continue in the other lover's presence in their lives (in what had caused the broken covenant and wrath in the first place; an act against the 1st Commandment by the way)...   do we not suppose that He feels that with pain in his heart, and is tremendously more pained by that, especially in being a "God of love", and would then want unfaithful folks like that removed as far away from Him as I wanted my ex-wife when she wanted to keep me AND her boyfriend?   No, my own situation's internal wrath was immediately for them both: the cheating wife and the other lover, but much more emotionally and painfully for the wife who said she loved me, but who coldly wanted the other lover to be accepted as part of the reconciliation deal!  I obviously could not do this my friends, and likewise YHWH requires our all, just as a spouse would, which is why there are so many biblical references to "marriage" with the Savior, "marriage supper of the Lamb", etc.  

We, are being refined (Daniel 12:10; Zechariah 13:9) or "prepared" as a virgin bride is being refined and readied for the groom, but only those of us who "did not defile themselves with [other lovers]", and with those who maintained a life of well-trimmed lamps as Matthew 25 tells us.  Only the devoted will be chosen (plenty of oil; plenty of love for their new spouse-to-be).  Only those who have perhaps even endured long periods of discomfort and had sat up diligently waiting for Him, seeking only Him and His provisions and blessings, will be let through the door into the marriage chamber.  Those who are afraid to commit themselves because they fear the harder times that might be around the corner should they make such a commitment to stand away from their other lover, consider this very simple passage:

" ...we are joint heirs with Christ ...  if so be that we suffer with him"  (Romans 8)

As I have been saying to many people over the years, it is your own choice how far each of you want to go to show the Father your faith in how much you love and trust Him (as we all work out our own salvation with fear and trembling; see recent article on my detailed view of this and the pushy law groups here), but because few in this world seem to be able to relate to, or yearn for, these serious Bible parables and analogies in which so much more is there to then understand this, I would suggest that perhaps I was not alone in how I felt when I was jealous with rage in hearing that "my best friend and wife" had been with another lover.

Is our rage of jealousy understood by the Father?   What do the Scriptures say?

"For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance."  (Proverbs 6:34)

Once more...  we were made in His image.  If we, as mankind, are even by Scripture to be expected to have reactions of rage in moments of jealousy, then should we expect YHWH to somehow be mild-mannered about us hitting Him with His most jealously-hated sin of idolatry?

The bottom line?   Who do you trust your future to?  Upon who's greatness do you show the world where you trust your blessings, provisions, and protections to come from?   If we can't publicly show that we trust our God even in just the cares of this passing world, how are we going to convince that world that we trust Him to care for us for all eternity? 

   ...and who is telling you the truth?    ...the wimpy preachers that say that being a part of the beast system is okay (as they have so successfully been teaching via Jesuit infiltration and government tax-incentive indoctrination with multiple-millions of Americans now)?    ...or the annoying preachers like me who simply preach "come out from among them and be ye separate", leaving little wiggle room for excuses?    If you wanted to be a world-class boxer, would you want a boxing coach who "let you slide" all the time when you didn't feel like working out?  or would you want a coach that would keep you focused and working towards your goals?

Standing here then as if I was your most driving, annoying coach, think on this: 
If we, as a national remnant, don't start stepping out of the beast system now while it is yet lawful and relatively easy to do so, then who will step out when the next executive order comes down the pike from the White House's Luciferians that "sovereigns are evil, 'anti-government' and are to be outright executed Hitler-style"?  Who will step out then if we don't stop these freaks before then by showing our faith FIRST, where the Savior could then back us while we yet have the chance?  And Father won't help us if we haven't stepped out by then by the way, as we wouldn't have shown enough faith before the need was fully upon us.  (the Bible is clear on this aspect by the way, as Father doesn't help those nations [nations by the way, not indivduals] that wait til the last minute to repent.)  I'm sure that such a fascist "executive" decree to execute sovereigns will be a quick end of the otherwise vocally brave who might have otherwise been saying that they were going to step out, and it will also be too late for any "deep commitment-hesitant" or lukewarm "freedom groups", lukewarm reforming states projects as well, by such an order's very design I'm sure (outlawing any and all biblical authority that they might have been slowly putting into their documents), as, if enough of them had't come out from among them to get YHWH's help and blessings before such an edict, they surely are't going to want to come out so publicly after such an order.

I now therefore have the "64 thousand-dollar question" to then ask:
"If we all wait until conditions are "ideal" in our lives to step out of the beast system bloodstream and luciferian bed chamber, then when will that precise time be, to step out (in these ever-downward-spiraling times of tyranny and economic disaster)?"  
I will answer that for you guys...  (It will likely never happen, as it will only get harder and harder to do, not easier.)

Myself?   Years ago I had decided to not break the heart of my Savior, having promised me life eternal and asking only that I stand by Him and trust Him.  I'm waiting on Him in faith, poverty conditions and all.   Yet I will rather glory in mine infirmities, as......

"yea. though he slay me, yet will I trust in him..."  -Job 13:15

You see, I understand that we all have fears in regards of this issue, where most fear that they must be careful in how much they step out in purity, fearing what repercussions and adverse conditions might come from the world and its authorities, etc.  I have a slightly different fear, where I have already lost family, friends, last bits of wealth and "privileges" over my separatist stance over the years, where now I fear from the other end of the spectrum, where I now fear that I am not standing purely enough !  (occasionaly thinking that maybe I may have missed something of the luciferian's traps somewhere, or haven't shouted my true status under YHWH loudly enough for the criminals somehow, etc)

See also (seriously dissect this one in your hearts as a quick follow-up): Luke 12:4-9

Again in His promise of faithfullness,
and with all my love through His, for each of you, 



Another interesting angle from which to see this:

How many of us are old enough to remember the fad of the "lucky rabbit's foot" keychains that many of us had as kids?
1970's Lucky rabbit's foot keychains

Is it not possible that many today are carrying around their own favorite "lucky golden calf foot" in their pockets, in the similar hopes to be spared the agonies of losing their provisions when things get worse?

Is this not what our driver's licenses and Social security cards have become to those of us who would otherwise think that a worship of a golden calf itself would be silly (being, after all, that we are much wiser "Christians")?  

We don't worship the golden calf, or the Constitution...    but we do however, hold on to dear life to those worthless images of paper fashioned in the form of "important cards" and each emblazoned with various images of humanist hope, secular power, and beast-shaped authority, as it openly shows the world the various contracts that we have made with the beast where we worship (bow down to, trust, obey) this "government god" that provides us our "daily bread" and "daily blessings" that, through the alter (offices) of this worsening pagan empire system, keep us from perishing (so long as we carry our own personalized, and handsomely-numbered 'idols' around with us, and profess this system to the world as the badges or "marks" of indentured servitude, decreeing who our god is that we trust-in for our daily security in this world).

Many then argue that it would not be easy to have bank accounts, keep jobs, make a living etc, if they let go of these "lucky calves' foots" they so obediently carry around with them.  And yes I fully agree, having been dealing with this very hardship for years, waiting for other believers to stand up with us in faith and throw those "key CHAINS" away.

"And that no man might buy or sell, save that he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."  (Rev. 13:17)

They then tell me how they have no time to study these issues with me on the Bible study calls, as they are too busy trying to make ends meet, pay the bills, stay healthy, and even spending countless hours in political meetings and law classes trying to find man's best "solutions" to this endless hamster wheel of tyranny.

"...and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the number of his name."  (Rev. 14:11)

I feel sorry for them, sorta like I used to feel sorry for the poor doomed rabbits when I was a kid.


But alas, even after they are told time and again that this "beast of gods" is much less powerful than the Great YHWH, they still often only run faster and faster for their gods out of fear, being chased by shadows or blowing leaves in their frantic lives, believing that "by the power of the special idols in their pockets" that their various lucky calve's foot paper charms will protect them from the wrath of those gods in their daily lives, at least til a better Messiah provably arrives someday it seems.  They have sadly been successfully trained to not live by faith.

And yet another....

WARNING:  this is not a message for the faint of heart, but is a tough-to-face 
message for those who truly seek peace and an end to this world’s chaos… 

"Worshiping (fearing; respecting the power of) one's would-be wicked overlords rather than that of a fair and just God, is the first step in making sure that the overlords can lawfully punish you in the absence of that fair and just God for as long as they like."   -dwaine

Come out of from among them my friends!
Here's more help on the subject:









And lastly, let's always begin and end with Father's Bible, and to send the message home on this page for us today, perhaps we should end with some powerful excerpts from the Book of Hebrews:

"For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame. [does this not imply that those who call themselves by His name and have learned of their part in satan's beast oppressions and then, out of fear, simply closed their eyes to their part in it, to just go back to their previous life of intimate covenant with that beast, whereby they are openly denying the faithfullness of the Savior they say they trust in, and are thereby "put[ting] Yeshua to an open shame"?]  For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it, and bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receiveth blessing from God: But that which beareth thorns and briers is rejected, and is nigh unto cursing; whose end is to be burned. But, beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, and things that accompany salvation, though we thus speak.  For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.  And we desire that every one of you do shew the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end:  That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.   …  For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins  ...
Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.  For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.  For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry.  Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.  But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul."  -
Hebrews 6:3-12; 10:26, 35-39  [Does this passage not show yet one more example of why we simply mustn't allow ourselves to remain tied to this wicked beast in even the least way, where our previous ministry studies, including last week's article "The Duty of Purity" had touched on these very same types of aspects of how there had always been the weaker among us since the time of Yeshua, who had been unable to drink of the cup of sacrifice, where they were "drawing back" into their comfort zones of beast territory and lawful jurisdiction with the wicked.  There will always be those who will be found appeasing their inner god of complacency even in the face of known reform that they knew they were to be learning and keeping alive, and how we are then showing who our god really is in refusing to properly transfer our affections back to the Father's prescribed ways of authority over mankind, thus denying the power of our Savior and in so doing are also helping the beast to further perpetuate their system of tyranny, further persecute our brethren, further oppress our neighbors, and even add more stripes to Yeshua's own single timeless sacrifice in how He had to die for us!?  How many of those calling themselves believers (and according to what this passage seems to so clearly suggest) are not going to make it, due to the way we are letting the wicked "scare us" out of our rescue and salvation in Him?] 

The heart of this message seems to most certainly be the passage
"For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins"  (also from Hebrews 10, being verse 26)

We simply cannot try to hide the fact that we all inwardly know that we are helping the beast to oppress our neighbors and then "stay thereon" (ref. Isaiah 30:12). Yet many are doing exactly that. They expect that they will "get away with it" come their moments of judgment upon them (both in this life and for the next).  So as I often do (to add a second witnss to my own testimony), please consider Matthew Henry's vantage point on the above as well...

"He [Paul] shows how far persons may go in religion, and, after all, fall away, and perish for ever, Heb_6:4, Heb_6:5. (1.) They may be enlightened. Some of the ancients understand this of their being baptized; but it is rather to be understood of notional knowledge and common illumination, of which persons may have a great deal, and yet come short of heaven. Balaam was the man whose eyes were opened (Num_24:3), and yet with his eyes opened he went down to utter darkness. (2.) They may taste of the heavenly gift, feel something of the efficacy of the Holy Spirit in his operations upon their souls, causing them to taste something of religion, and yet be like persons in the market, who taste of what they will not come up to the price of, and so but take a taste, and leave it. Persons may taste religion, and seem to like it, if they could have it upon easier terms than denying themselves, and taking up their cross, and following Christ(3.) They may be made partakers of the Holy Ghost, that is, of his extraordinary and miraculous gifts; they may have cast out devils in the name of Christ, and done many other mighty works. Such gifts in the apostolic age were sometimes bestowed upon those who had no true saving grace. (4.) They may taste of the good word of God; they may have some relish of gospel doctrines, may hear the word with pleasure, may remember much of it, and talk well of it, and yet never be cast into the form and mould of it, nor have it dwelling richly in them. (5.) They may have tasted of the powers of the world to come; they may have been under strong impressions concerning heaven, and dread of going to hell. These lengths hypocrites may go, and, after all, turn apostates. Now hence observe, [1.] These great things are spoken here of those who may fall away; yet it is not here said of them that they were truly converted, or that they were justified; there is more in true saving grace than in all that is here said of apostates. [2.] This therefore is no proof of the final apostasy of true saints. These indeed may fall frequently and foully, but yet they will not totally nor finally from God; the purpose and the power of God, the purchase and the prayer of Christ, the promise of the gospel, the everlasting covenant that God has made with them, ordered in all things and sure, the indwelling of the Spirit, and the immortal seed of the word, these are their security. But the tree that has not these roots will not stand.
2. The apostle describes the dreadful case of such as fall away after having gone so far in the profession of the religion. (1.) The greatness of the sin of apostasy. It is crucifying the Son of God afresh, and putting him to open shame. They [in essense] declare that they approve of what the Jews did in crucifying Christ, and that they would be glad to do the same thing again if it were in their power. They pour the greatest contempt upon the Son of God, and therefore upon God himself, who expects all should reverence his Son, and honour him as they honour the Father. They do what in them lies to represent Christ and Christianity as a shameful thing, and would have him to be a public shame and reproach. This is the nature of apostasy. (2.) The great misery of apostates. [1.] It is impossible to renew them again unto repentance. It is extremely hazardous. Very few instances can be given of those who have gone so far and fallen away, and yet ever have been brought to true repentance, such a repentance as is indeed a renovation of the soul. Some have thought this is the sin against the Holy Ghost, but without ground. The sin here mentioned is plainly apostasy both from the truth and the ways of Christ. God can renew them to repentance, but he seldom does it; and with men themselves it is impossible. [2.] Their misery is exemplified by a proper similitude, taken from the ground that after much cultivation brings forth nothing but briers and thorns; and therefore is nigh unto cursing, and its end is to be burned, Heb_6:8. To give this the greater force here is observed the difference that there is between the good ground and the bad, that these contraries, being set one over against the other, illustrate each other. First Here is a description of the good ground: It drinketh in the rain that cometh often upon it. Believers do not only taste of the word of God, but they drink it in; and this good ground bringeth forth fruit answerable to the cost laid out, for the honour of Christ and the comfort of his faithful ministers, who are, under Christ, dressers of the ground. And this fruit-field or garden receives the blessing. God declares fruitful Christians blessed, and all wise and good men account them blessed: they are blessed with increase of grace, and with further establishment and glory at last. Secondly, Here is the different case of the bad ground: It bears briers and thorns; it is not only barren of good fruit, but fruitful in that which is bad, briers and thorns, fruitful in sin and wickedness, which are troublesome and hurtful to all about them, and will be most so to sinners themselves at last; and then such ground is rejected. God will concern himself no more about such wicked apostates; he will let them alone, and cast them out of his care; he will command the clouds that they rain no more upon them. [we know this part (the rain) to be the latter rain or the pouring out of YHWH's Holy Spirit in an end times abundance of "talents" for those who were faithful]  Divine influences shall be restrained [cessation of guidance via the Holy Spirit for the "drawn back" or disobedient]; and that is not all, but such ground is nigh unto cursing; so far is it from receiving the blessing, that a dreadful curse hangs over it, though as yet, through the patience of God, the curse is not fully executed. [but is it near, or decreed as fact, now in our time? Rev. 22:11?] Lastly, Its end is to be burnedApostasy will be punished with everlasting burnings, the fire that shall never be quenched. This is the sad end to which apostasy leads, and therefore Christians should go on and grow in grace, lest, if they do not go forward, they should go backward, till they bring matters to this woeful extremity of sin and misery."

Of course some of you will recognize that this closely follows the message we posted about a week back, where those who are “drawing back” and "not going forward" (as just above) after having heard the truth of ther beast system they are affiliated with, are in deep trouble.  Here’s a snippet from that writing last week for those who may have missed it, that was called “The Duty of Purity” (now on the website at

“In Scripture, it is a reality that Yeshua died for our sins.  Does not Christ go forward and backward in time with such a task?  Then in theory mind you, could it not be seen that Yeshua then, is to be whipped all the harder, with the more of us who drag our feet and the longer we refuse to be reformed to Father’s ways of purity and righteousness? Are some of us still adding to the stripes that He was enduring for our inability to come out of the world and stand with Him?

Yet, if we are not now to be saved, then perhaps Yeshua will not be taking any stripes for us at all, but we will be taking them ourselves, in coming judgment and... in hell.

Can we not now also see how we will not be rewarded for such stalled reactions to our calling to "come out from among them" and how those of the past like Matthew Henry, recognized and understood these things to an amazing degree himself, not even knowing the mountainous ties to oppression there might be coming that we are under today, even when he easily yet makes so many statements that help verify my own thoughts, as he writing his words nearly four hundred years ago?

Shall we not therefore take a step back for a better look at how much we love our Savior before we find out the hard way that we were not truly researching and studying all of His warnings as seriously as we should have been?  Deos it look like there will be some powder puff second chances here somewhere?  (I don't think so)

Seek Him and search out your souls to the utmost purity my brethren!
And with all love and earnestness, let's encourage all we meet to do the same!

In His love and peace for all who follow Him to the full,
([notes] and emphasis in text mine) 

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