Christmas... is it biblical?

Christmas it biblical?

Christmas it biblical?
Our latest video release that has some enticing points of truth for the most serious followers of their Creator. Do we not all yearn to know what is crucial to know regarding the true history of Christmas and its traditions?

And...  Do you put your much-loved children on Santa's lap?  After this particular video, you may not be so excited about doing that anymore.

 We released this one as somewhat of a part 1 of others 'holiday' topics to come as time allows.

Christmas Songs in 1800's America?

As this season rolls around every year, I am often asked what I think of the controversies on this issue of this tradition of celebrating this holiday that is not really in the Bible, and I sometimes say, "I don't know.  
I'm not Catholic." which gives me an interesting approach to then open the conversation with, as once it is understood that Christmas is no more biblical than counting rosary beads, their ability to want to defend their stance to want to continue celebrating it is always harder for the one standing there to argue.

I have posted a recent article that I put together that sends a sharp but serious message to the folks who are yet still under the impression that this day is an innocent day to just have fun with, etc.  The article is short and is disguised under an intriguing long title here.

But all in all, the best overall article I have ever found regarding the facts of the origins of "Christmas" that could be read in a half hour is the one I am posting below.     

Does Father seem to have a sense of humor?  remember when he knocked Dagon down?
try this one...

Where is this guy "Santa Claus" in the Bible?

He's not there by the name we are familiar with, but in a spot where they talk about passing their children (their seed) through the fire:  Molech.  Also known as the ritual of the Nocolatans via some opinions ("of this thing I hate").  See also Lev. 18:21; 20:2-5, 1 Kings 11:7; 2nd Kings 23:10; Jeremiah 32:35, et al.
(for more on the evils of santa claus and why they want you to sit your children on santa's lap, see the section about santa claus on page  7 here.)

satan claus

Here's another article that even shows with Rome's own writings that the term "Christmas" means their celebration of the death of the victim, Christ!:

                           "Chris-tmas" -the truth or lies"

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