Children... a gift from God

The judges and IV-D (pronounced "4 D") attorneys in the domestics relations courts (family "division" corporations) are starting to get nervous.  They are starting to realize that even their own compartmentalized clerical people are starting to see that there is something going on, that perhaps even some of us fathers (and mothers in some CYS services cases) are right, and that there is a heinous "legalese" masquerade going on, and they are starting to sweat, knowing that we are starting to wake up and turn the tables of justice on them.  

We must keep and increase the pressure of peaceful education on those of the court system and show the aids and staff that it is not just one nut or two out there who understands that YHWH still sits on the throne in authority above all men, and that (in this "domestics relations" case) our children should have never been so forcefully taken from some of us, etc.  

Use the flyer below to draw attention to the fact that the state has no claim over your children for starters, then let us know about how the state is interfering in your own children's lives.  Perhaps we can help with interesting ways of helping you lawfully clog up their cold-blooded machinery of global child abuse.

Remember, that by their sick and twisted ways of seeing "legal" (through simple deception; metonymy), they decided that "marriage licenses" and birth certificates (etc) were their supposed iron-clad stamp of permission to take your children should they "decree any parent or pair of parents unfit.  (Keep in mind also, that the IV-D attorneys get a "cut" in each child that is taken from a home, even in divirce split ups, etc).  But where does it say that you agreed to any of this on any of these luciferian-generated documents that you may have so trustingly signed?  These papers are then "void for vagueness" for starters, but the pretend authority that they then yield is backed by pure thuggery that is against the moral laws of both YHWH and even their own idolatrous Constitutional system of "un-aleinable" rights.

YHWH's system of law provides the parents with full responsibility of their children, including the right of the parent to spank and reprimand their children as they see fit.  to hear more about this

Nov 14, 2012, 2:22 PM