They boast, “I am saved”, but then reach out with their utmost faith 
to resuscitate their yet-worshipful government god.

They boast that they trust in God, but then wail in defeat for their 
fallen “neutral” politicians. 

They boast that they are believers, but they don’t ‘believe’ that the 
Bible has the answers that they need outside the church.

They cry that they can’t understand why God won’t show them 
how to fix all this, while their Bibles are left buried under 
stacks of documents and law books. 

They cry that they want someone to save them, but they keep 
sending unbiblical men to help bolster an unbiblical document 
in an unbiblical government system and scratch their heads wondering why this 
struggle to “defeat evil” isn’t working. 

Here’s the complicated part that they may have never  
been told to then include in their thinking processes...  

... YHWH saves

Oh, and they brag that they “really believe in God”, but also say that  
those of us who take the Bible more seriously are being “unrealistic”
What do you think? 

We’ve found exciting new hope for those who really believe their Creator! 
...throw out all of man's unbiblical law and simply "believe" in our Creator like we used to do!
There's then nothing to write but a statement of Who we follow and what His Book is.  Its that simple.
(Well, yes we might need an honest man to be a responsible judge here and there.  Okay so sue me.)


The story of a "believer" from June 2, 1961's broadcast of the "Twilight Zone" series.
Will WE be so calm, cool and collected for the Father?

Sep 25, 2012, 1:21 PM