Mother Teresa's hidden side

Many have asked me over the years, "Is Mother Teresa going to be in heaven?"

My answer has always been (in general)... "Not if she believed what she said she believed."  where I then tell them some things about her that they didn't know, such as the fact that she had often said that she trusted her soul not to Yeshua (Jesus), but to Mary (just like Pope Joh Paul II had himself said many times as well), where even if just in that, she was no longer qualified for the better resurrection of the saints.

Yet there is a much darker side to Mother Teresa that the world has never noticed nor considered, which is covered with an investigative touch by Christopher Hitchins who, being no admitted biblical advocate himself, still has the insight to show just how hypocritical this overly-praised woman really was.

The following video is going to be hard for most Catholics to face, but those who want to stand with the truth of God, must nonetheless, face such things if they want to see why they must "come out from among them" and get right with their true God, YHWH.

This is a very powerful video:

Mother Teresa