An open letter to the law remedy groups

Are the many new upstart law remedy groups becoming even more terrified of the God that is making Himself known, than the government gods that they are fearing the encroaching tyrannies of?  Why do they so urgently want us to study so long and so deeply in their man-centered solution systems?

Perhaps the answer is in the "Open Letter to the Law Remedy Groups" that we have put together for the hope of those who are yet unfamiliar with the real God and His true promises of rescue for their lives?

An open letter of hope (yes hope) for many of today’s various “law remedy” groups…

In recent weeks, I have been getting an unusually large amount of emails from folks who would like me to join and/or endorse their various law remedy groups across the nation, groups of which, I feel have certain objectives that I’d rather not be associated with, and for the most part, because some years ago, a few of those of us who were breaking ground in these fields had begun to notice an unsettling trend among some of these new up-start groups that showed that they were yet missing one key area of their focus.

I think I can honestly say that my first real spark of awakening to the groups that I am about to offer a little healthy caution on here today, came on a new year’s day meeting I was attending about an hour north of Pittsburgh about seven years ago now, where there seemed to be something unexpected going on with some who were in leadership in this one particular of several of the groups that I was a part of at the time, where it even appeared that there was something of a coincidental and maybe even misleading “purpose” behind what I was seeing in this well known nationwide group.

I was suddenly a witness to something I had never seen before in some of these people, most of whom I had been increasingly considering to be friends, but who I had previously thought to be a much more biblically genuine gathering than those in the Republican Party that I had for years before trusted in so many horribly disappointing ways. There were quite a few steaming red faces in the meeting room that day as I had only tried for about three minutes or so (the State Chairman and Vice Chairman there present) to simply propose that the Constitution Party that we were representing, needed to more accurately stay the course as per its own opening statements in its nationally famous platform. We were of course seeing a deepening of the national collapse of moral responsibility in our government leaders and I was merely proposing that we get back to the basics of what I had naively thought we were actually there assembled for, which would have included (I had trustingly supposed) standing on the biblical statements that were the preamble for the Party’s own grand document, of which its gloriously-sounding opening lines had read:

“The Constitution Party gratefully acknowledges the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Creator, Preserver and Ruler of the universe and of these United States. We hereby appeal to Him for mercy, aid, comfort, guidance and the protection of His providence as we work to restore and preserve these United States.

This great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been and are afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.

The goal of the Constitution Party is to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations and to limit the federal government to its Constitutional boundaries.”

At the time, I had thought that this party was genuinely looking to repair or even re-write our national document with greater clarity to (and at least to some degree anyway…) better reflect the true name and authority of my Father in heaven. I instead received a very cold awakening that day.

As anyone could have seen in the openly publicized lines of this party’s main document of boast from those days, the party’s intended goals were (supposedly) to return the nation’s leadership to a more biblical focus, where the concept was clearly written in black and white that we were there (as Constitution Party advocates) to be concentrating our efforts on bettering our governance according to Father’s Scripture, not man’s increasing departure or compromise from those ways. I was drawn in to this Party just a few years before this, specifically 
because of that opening preamble and how I was reassured by the State Chairmen that they felt the same, thinking that they would yes, be guiding the group into ways that would more openly invoke the more specific referee methods of the Bible and even our Savior by name, perhaps even correcting the details that the Constitution itself had not specified.

That particular pagan new year’s day I brought up several facts, one being that, following my having spoken at length on many subjects with the National chairman, Jim Clymer, as he and I had sat next to one another for hours at a banquet table not much prior to that day, that in passing I had mentioned that the first couple lines of the Constitution party’s platform ought to be better applied to not just our over-arching national endeavors, but also to our own decision-making in our local meetings as well, where, back to this present meeting, I was trying to impress upon these folks how the re-emerging truth of our history was showing that those who did not accurately follow the God of the Bible were pretty much being found to be the ones who were ruining our nation, myself largely pointing to the Catholics that day as an example and my thoughts that the unconverted Catholics and Muslims, etc, should not be given places in our official meetings since they were on the other side of the spiritual fence in so many ways.

Well, that’s where the anger shot back at me with great indignation, where I was told that “We need their votes Dwaine!” I was told in no uncertain verbage that the Constitution Party candidates in our state and across the nation could not win seats in office without the huge numbers of Catholic votes (myself ashamedly admitting now that I had not even been aware yet that as believers, America should have never gotten involved in “voting” in the first place). The more I tried to calmly give biblical facts on my stance with these so-called “Christians”, ignorantly expecting to calm them at the time, the more their angers escalated. Only two of the folks in that meeting that day had momentarily tried to stand with me, but even my two lone supporters only stood with me until the more intimidating of them became outraged at the conversation’s direction and began more angrily showing their teeth. Within about two weeks of afterwards not being able to reach the National chairman again for comment on this issue, and having been told by a calmed down state chairman that “We have been thinking of taking those clauses out of the platform for a few years now”. I remember not saying much to him at that point, just wondering why I wasn’t told that when I had initially asked those very same men if they stood with that opening preamble in the first place, where I wisely instead just realized the pragmatic mindset I was up against and resigned my seat as both a county chair and as a recently appointed state regional chair for that party, and have never really had much contact with those particular upset folks again after that.

That was a rude awakening that had to come in my life and one that dramatically changed the way I then became all the more skeptical with many other groups, looking at them and the whole electoral process from a great distance, being leery of every written and proclaimed intention from there on out, reverting back heavily to the passage: 
“Ye shall know them by their fruits”. I never got back on board with another “political party” after that day of course, and only sought for other individuals not unlike myself who would appreciate that our Father in heaven was the only One that I would trust to run our world now. I then (being about a year before learning of the sacred names issue) began a largely changed approach including making little stickers that we were putting on the seal of our letters and packages that read, “Put God back in charge”, myself more fully understanding the heart behind the Puritans’ motto, “No king but King Jesus” with much more reality of understanding.

I told that story to then set the stage for today’s delivery of hope for those who are themselves at least curious (if not also outright frustrated with the contradictions they might similarly be feeling today), with the same double-mindedness that they might be seeing in many of the other groups in many other areas of this nation that are doing a very similar thing: There are a lot of “Christian-looking” groups out there that are all talking a great talk, but out of two sides of their mouths at once. Many of them are sounding just like the modern churches and government-controlled talking heads are sounding, where quite a few of them seem to have an eerily similar common denominator to them that, if one didn’t know any better, one would think they were all coming out of some kind of similar [Jesuit-run(?)] evil training school designed of the elite to specifically distract folks from our God and His true rescue from this wicked system of theirs. But of course, who am I to speak of any such evils in the hearts of men? I’m just a lowly preacher from a small town. I don’t have one of the great 'high priest' seminary degrees of today… What would I know?

I eventually found that quite a large percentage of them, from large national organizations, down to even the smallest grass roots 2-man operations, would all seem to have one common flaw: They would all have a big radiating public boast of Godly direction for their group, but would then stand on only a man-based or man-designed hope of rescue from their world’s tyranny. Some were of course very innocent in their having built their hopes in such a way, having been “conditioned” that way by today’s globally driven system, being thereby uneducated in Scripture and/or the critical differences between who is truly in authority in the universe and who is not, while others seemed to have a cleverly hidden ulterior common thread of self-serving intention, an intention the type of which, I still to this day and even all the more now, am just very uncomfortable in finding much worth associating with.

This double-mindedness in many such groups is ultimately only promoting more of the same, being mere man-made solutions to their nation’s governance problems. 

It is like putting another new or larger band aid over an already infected, pus-filled wound, where the band aid’s application only keeps the infection warm and cozy in its yet spreading state under it, where to the unknowing eye above, it looks like “problem solved”. Others of us are doing the more responsible thing, which is to simply repent and get back to all of the Father’s instruction for our lives as His faithful children, cleaning the infection out of our wounds first, and then covering them with prayer and a dutiful heart to keeping that body clean from any outside infections from there on out, knowing that when the Father feels that enough of us have repented, He will then truly begin to “heal” our land as He then sees fit (see the Bible's case law example of 2 Chronicles 7:14).

Their “we can get out of this on our own” approach does not sit well with my spirit and others who also understand the long-term cancers that their man-made solutions or band aids only cover up, a spirit that some of us have that would otherwise hope to glorify the Father and His laws, statutes and judgments. The “plans” and “remedies”, etc, of some of these groups all therefore seem to instead have subtly distracting but nonetheless clever ways of promoting at least some form of man’s solutions or rescue from this mess, while on the surface their plan would seem yes, to be very “biblical” or “Christian” to the untrained eye.

Please also know at this point, that I am not one to engage much in blogs or forum strings either, as they can get quite ugly with hearts that are showing themselves to be weeping and gnashing their teeth these days, nor do I like to spend endless hours answering the minutia of unbiblical arguments that some of the more obsessive humanists will try to convince the biblical that they too, are somehow on the same biblical road as we are, when in all reality many are as far away from YHWH’s resolve for this as east is from west. It is upon knowing that I must make the best efficient use of my time, where I have therefore decided to compile a few of my latest thoughts to some of these folks and their respective groups in a public discourse here that can be used, not just for my own continued response to these often well-intentioned folks, but also for many out there besides myself, that would like to have some of the better evidences against these arguments that these people are sadly putting forth. 

I see some of these groups and what is starting to materialize out of them, to be not much different than the way that the folks who may have been supporting Constantine might have been deceived into following his mixture of biblical truth with the paganism in his day as well. And many of us know that Constantine’s recipe of mixed spiritual ingredients is what then became the Roman Catholic church, where there were folks not unlike ourselves who preferred to distance ourselves from these compromising crowds to maintain the purity of the biblical commission that we were called to preach for our promise of salvation, and that commission was to preach the whole gospel of the kingdom [government] of YHWH, not just the “nice parts” that today’s world cherry picks out of that gospel.

We need to preach the responsible parts, just as well as the warm and fuzzy parts, but the world at large does not want to be responsible, just pampered, so they ride as mockingbirds on the coat-tails of those who have created elitist-friendly alternate salvation systems just as Constantine’s clever plan had duped so many into becoming Roman Catholics during those times of tyranny and persecution as well. These types of folks, both back then and now, seem to have not been aware of the seriousness of YHWH’s power over their lives, both temporal and eternal, and/or perhaps hadn’t truly internalized the Father’s ways of “remedy” for our current captivity, and can only see man’s own writing skills as a way to relieve them of both the tyranny of the oppressors, and the fear of being responsible to a Holy God that will not let them “play church” any longer the way they want to.

I would also like to add that contrary to Romans 16:17,18, I am also temporarily not going to be attaching the names of these present people or their supported groups, hoping to again save some of them some face for now (as we had recently tried to so kindly do with Pastor Chuck Baldwin), so that when some of the wiser of these folks see the light of what they are themselves caught up in promoting, they will have less crow to eat, and might more readily get back on track with the Father’s true biblical path with those of us who have not been seeking “instant fixes” of man’s devices, but have been steadily walking responsibly with patience on YHWH’s narrow road to rescue from all of this.

Perhaps it might be wise that I now show you folks the email that I sent out just a few days ago, having been sent to someone that in my recollection is a new contact for me, who had merely sent me an organization’s video that (and I paraphrase here for both anonymity and brevity’s sake) contained some of the American historic law trivialities that many of us law researchers have caught wind of over the years. The video followed its brief history lesson with a similarly brief promise of emancipation from our dilemma based and thereby devised largely on that history that they had presented, where they were then (and either innocently or not, I am not sure at this point…) encouraging folks to basically write letters of disassociation to these particular powers to be in a way that would supposedly free them from all of their worries and troubles with the advancing global beast tyrannies somehow. And even though I give credit to all of those who are at least not with the rest of the nation who are hiding from all of this under rocks and dens, begging the mountains to fall on them and protect them from these evils (trusting in their mountains [governments; be they real or imaginary] to still yet save them from the judgment of the exploding new government of the God that is now come; see Revelation 6:15,16), where these many folks that are writing me, all seem to at least have had some resolve to get to this point in their research with what little true light they may have had to work with. Here’s what I wrote back to this individual, who again, I am trusting at this point to have been an innocently drawn in believer/bystander who was well meaning in his email to us (and who I haven’t heard back from yet), where I then responded thusly:

Dear _______,
Thank you for your email and video. I certainly appreciate those who share the same interests in becoming free from satan's snares. Yet without much text from you to accompany your single short video, nor knowing if you are aware of the many law-related projects we have been involved with over the years, and certainly with no offense intended here, I get the impression that you (and/or your group ?) appear to be where we were about eight or so years ago. (?)

You and I seem to agree that we need to remove ourselves from the beast system in general, and although I myself had used a notarized affidavit to remove myself from all of these ties a good many years ago, and have in the past lightly encouraged others to do similarly, today I am much less of an advocate of giving the beast "agents" more hard copy evidence that may only hand them one's civil disobedience or even rebellion admissions on a platter. I am therefore skeptical (in a biblically healthy way) of those that promote the submitting of anything to the beast officials that would be "legally" signed and on paper, where such writings, in and of themselves in some ways (depending on how they are written, the nature, addressee, etc), could even be seen as an official act of war if not done according to their own secret handshakes, eye-dotting, and line-crossing if you know what I mean. --and who's "version" of their secret handshakes, eye-dotting and line-crossing is the accurate one anyway? Can we really be sure of that as well? It's almost as risky as expecting to make an honest deal from our end with a proven, lying, hardened criminal that asks you to trust him in a hostage/ransom trade, etc. This all coming from a rudimentary lesson I learned from the very first day that I saw a Tim Turner video (assuming that you know who he is) when he was just becoming known, and he was telling folks to put their thumb print on similar well-meaning letters to the government. --a real instant red flag for me.

Please bear with me here as I explain my stance.

Is not our Father able to count the hairs of our heads? Is He not Omniscient? Where in Scripture does it say that we have to "sign" anything, or send an actual letter of resignation of some kind once we discover that our forefathers were deceived and had led us into bondage? Did the Israelites "sign anything" before they left Egypt? ...or did they just leave?  
Signatures as a "mark" of one's professing devotions, etc, are relatively recent in human history, as one's word ("let your yea be yea, and your nay, nay") was what used to be the norm, or at best there was the literal seal on a king's document when perhaps dealing with heathen nations, etc, and we must all stop giving the beast our signatures, this is true. But if you study the history and lineage of the act of "signing" papers (and the Black's Law dictionary definitives over the years, and so forth), "signatures" are relatively new by a historic comparison, leading me to believe that the dark one is behind this recent flood to "un-sign" ourselves from the beast, doing so by what?  ha ha, ... by "signing" yet even another paper or (in your case [my friend]) a "letter". (see our 14-minute video "Can we bow down to the golden calf to correct our having bowed down to the golden calf?", which is video number 5 on this page if you'd like.)

For many of us it may seem to be a debatable issue, but honestly... can we not just merely toss away all of our social security cards, licenses, etc, and simply walk away from them, just as Levi "left all, rose up and followed [Yeshua]" in Luke 5:28?  

Yes, I strongly feel that we must let go of all of those ties, but do we literally have to actually "sign papers" for these unbiblical outlaws, let alone spend years upon years studying how to understand and counter all of their secret handshakes, eye-dotting and line-crossing, to then feel that we can somehow genuinely accomplish this, expecting that they will actually respect our more “legally appeasing” efforts anyway down the road? Believe me, we've "been there, done that" the hard way years ago. No matter the history of the many various man-made law system progressions and details (of which we are fully aware of and are even worn out from here), and as complicated as they are, they are all nothing to He that is calling us to come back to Him.  

And so, just as Levi did at the seat of customs, he never kissed his government gods goodbye as one might do when leaving a mistress or "other lover", nor did he even give his bosses two weeks notice, but he simply "left all, rose up, and followed Him".
We can do similarly as Levi did, and just simply carry on as one would normally do when we are also confessing to our King of kings that we want to stop sinning in other things such as adultery, where we simply make a commitment to the Father to never touch such things again, and then just do our best to live up to that commitment in our walk, where just as we might then stop committing adultery, we can also "leave all", by tossing away or burning all those cards, contracts and badges, and simply stop using our social security cards and numbers, our birth certificates, and all other government benefit packages as well, where our abandonment and “casting away” of their use should be all that we need to do, praying in faith that YHWH will take care of all of our needs in our lives thereafter. I have been without such contracts, permissions and licenses for over five years now, living all that time without a single tie to the beast. ...not even the tiniest bank account or store bonus card of any kind either. And this even while being hauled off by sheriffs and federal marshals here and there over those years in my separatist stance. So far, praise and glory be to the Father, I am still alive and well to tell about it, and have yet to have even been flogged as Paul was either.
"Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith YHWH, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith YHWH Almighty." (2Cor. 6:17).  

That sounds like one of Father's law-based instructions right there if you ask me. Just come out from among them. No instruction to sign papers, no instruction to dot any i's or cross any t's, just come out from among them, and He will be our God and Father over us. But we have to actually do so, not drag our feet. We have to get rid of our "ornaments" that may yet tie us to that beast ("touching them not", or "casting them away"), otherwise we will be left to "wander in the beast's wilderness" until we fall away one by one (or even faster), as is also shown in our video number 2 of that same page just mentioned above, here again.

Moreover, I am every year more and more persuaded that the more "paperwork" we allow ourselves to be burdened under in studying and "admiring" this beast in all its intentional complexity, the more we are showing these control freaks that we respect them as our greater authority in our lives, and by giving them notice, full or otherwise, are we not also in many ways (circumstances differing from one instance to another of course) showing them that we are recognizing them as the larger power over our lives? As my good friend Ted Weiland wrote in his book, "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution", on page 316,"Demanding rights is an admission of slavery to the one from whom those rights are petitioned." Is not the letter that your video is speaking about doing at least a somewhat similar thing?

Levi left all, rose up, and followed Him. I no longer push my people to send anything to their government gods, but I rather have just been encouraging them to at least leave it all behind and stop being a part of it all as Levi did, and as Paul the apostle quit working with the status quo, the high priests, and the "beast system" of his time that were persecuting those like Stephen, where I lately encourage my people to just begin their new lives without all the papers they have already been (largely innocently) tethered to, leaving it all behind and going in the new directions they see after their moment of discovery, or after their "Damascus moment" as I sometimes like to word it.

Paul himself afterwards spoke in his defense about his changed position, he did not write official letters to the enemy government system hoping that they would be gracious to him in his converted, hoped-to-be-seen-as-peaceful, "enemy of the state" position. He was courteous to that system in the ways that he knew he had to be as an ambassador for Yeshua, but did not bow down to them as if they were gods that needed to give him "permission" to be set free again. He accepted his position “in bonds" for Yeshua, knowing that his testimony was the commission that he was called to convey, not written letters that might even be seen as groveling by some. 

His speeches were of the Father's Spirit, and so too should ours be. The Bible says, that Paul defended himself in verbal ways. Whatever letters he wrote, were all to fellow brethren and fellow churches, not magistrates or kings. The message from Yeshua even says this: "And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say: For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say" (Luke 12:11,12) Does that sound like instruction to bow down and fill out any type of paperwork for the Caesars ahead of time so that your statement is a matter of court record? I don't see it that way.

Now, I myself feel more comfortable in my heart that I had made the decision to send in my own affidavit rescinding my own ties (being one in a position of leadership who should perhaps take some bolder steps), as I am locked in now, where it'd be a real paper nightmare to try and go back and pick up where I had left off even if I wanted to go back, but that's just me, and I now presently leave decisions of that nature in the hands of those who are also finding themselves caught in that snare and trying to decide for themselves how far they should themselves go in doing likewise, often steering them far and away from those who are doing as Tim Turner was, and getting folks even more entangled in the paperwork merry-go-round. Yet to make sure that I am being properly understood here, I also want to make sure that I expect those who claim to be Yeshua's sheep, to have at least done as Levi had done, and abandon all of their ties and provision packages that they may presently be a part of, if they hope to be viewed by the Father as having "come out from among them" in the way that I see Scripture calling us, this being the entire church/state beast system and all its “ornaments” and provision packages (including “food offered to the gods”, etc, as I explain in other writings).

Therefore, although my website is chock full of reasons that we must "come out from among them", I leave it up to the believer himself as to how he wishes to feel accomplished in this change of loyalties, although I am presently still working on the details with further passages hoping to perhaps deliver more in the near future to better clarify my position for folks who may not be that familiar with my closer live studies, etc.

So again, thank you for your video, but I see a simpler way than all these upstart legal groups see this mess today, rather than to study even more of man's law solutions that can only act as further quicksand to a nation that is already in trouble for having signed into too many man-made papers for the beast already. As I have been asking all of the nation's law experts on my website for about four years now (and without a single serious response by the way), "How do you stop a wrath of God with man-made solutions?"
Our Savior did not make such things so complicated as to instruct His little sheep to write official letters, etc,.  Instead He often made illustrations that showed just how simple it would be to reach out to Him, where He said things like, "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for such is the kingdom [government] of God." (Luke 18:16)

In YHWH’s law of love that was cast in stone for our own protection,
Biblical Correctness Ministries

One might also find encouragement in our 9-minute video "Purity Perfects Power" , that offers a less risky, simple and peaceful way of disarming and defeating the beast system.

That was the letter to just one of these people/groups, and many of you now know that I see things much more simply these days, where the following will set the stage for a little more on this subject:

Imagine a group of a hundred people living inside an old log fort
during the founding days of America.

All of a sudden on a moonlit night, one of these people with an alert sense of judgment sees three men off in the distance coming with a battering ram, torches and flint rifles, obviously motivated with the intent to kill those of the fort and take the spoils.

The alert man runs throughout the fort trying to wake fellow occupants, desperately warning them of the coming hoodlums.

“What can I do?” one nervously says, “I’m only one man against three with flint rifles!” as he then crawls deeper under his blanket in fear.

98 others respond in a similar fashion.


This is an easy-to-understand analogy on how the elite have defeated us for so long with their best ammunition against us being our own fear of them, and… if we are wise, finally being tired enough of being pushed around now, we can turn the tables on them, defeating them , and doing so peacefully, by simply standing quietly together and ignoring them as the authority above our God and Protector. We just simply quit bowing down to them knowing now that they don’t deserve the slightest bit of our respect in how they have proven to be so cold and uncaring towards others, and knowing that we are being called to “come out from among them” now, just walk away from them, showing them that there are enough of us now that know their evil criminal behavior, having rediscovered the truth of our creation and our God’s protective promises to us, that we are not afraid of them anymore.

“Deal courageously, and YHWH shall be with the good”.
(2 Chronicles 19:11)

All we have to do, is to stand in greater and greater numbers and together toss their ruling class permission slips away, and simply start living out our lives as if these heartless people weren’t there. Eventually everyone will wonder how we are so contentedly living our lives in contrast to their fears and confusing rules, where they may see us at peace in our hearts and happy again, and themselves take up new courage with us. Eventually we could then find that there will be nobody left to serve the elite their caviar, and they will over time and in their stubborn pride, pretty much starve to death as they had otherwise been provably trying to do to us.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
(Revelation 18:4)

The Father will be with those of us who do this.

And where lastly,

Did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego send in a paper telling Nebuchadnezzar that they would not be bowing down to the image he had set up, hoping to be excused somehow? No, they just simply didn’t do it, praying and trusting the Savior to protect them in their stance, where their faith was well rewarded, was it not?

Did Daniel send any paperwork to the king when the law was put in place that no one was to pray to his own God? No, he just went back to his house, even leaving his window wide open for all to see, going right back to his usual prayers, and just as the three above, he did so trusting that the Father would protect him, where even the lions in the den left him alone.

And even though it is not yet mandatory that everyone get a social security number, etc, many lukewarm folks are fearful of stepping away from their beast provisions, so we are hoping that, as things become more biblically clear to those who are just now catching on to this easy to walk away from “seat of customs”, that there will be an avalanching move to do so soon, where the beast will have so little support that it will just collapse in on itself like a house of cards, where we can then inherit the kingdoms of the earth by just stepping in and taking over when all the office buildings are vacant again. Here's just one biblical example of how this might work out:

And the land shall tremble and sorrow: for every purpose of YHWH shall be performed against Babylon, to make the land of Babylon a desolation without an inhabitant. The mighty men of Babylon have forborn to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might hath failed; they became as women: they have burned her dwellingplaces; her bars are broken. One post shall run to meet another, and one messenger to meet another, to shew the king of Babylon that his city is taken at one end, And that the passages are stopped, and the reeds they have burned with fire, and the men of war are affrighted. For thus saith YHWH of hosts, the Authority of Israel; The daughter of Babylon is like a threshingfloor, it is time to thresh her: yet a little while, and the time of her harvest shall come.
(Jeremiah 51:29-33)

The fearful won’t be winners but losers in the long run my friends. Don’t be drawn in to their deceptions by their fear.  "Fear ye not their fear."  Stay the course.

“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)”
(Hebrews 10:23)

By the way the Constitution Party HAS since apparently taken that part out of its platform now, so we decided to take advantage of pulling it out of their trash and brush it off a bit, offering a better worded preamble for today’s remnant of true believing Americans. A preamble that would have been better written, perhaps something like this:

“Our remnant of reassembled American believers gratefully acknowledges the blessing of YHWH the Father, Yeshua ha Messhiach the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as the combined embodiment of our Creator, Elohiym, King, Savior, and Preserver of our nation as being first the overall Authority of the entire universe. We hereby appeal to Him for mercy, aid, comfort, guidance and the protection of His providence as we work to restore and preserve this land to and for His glory.

This great nation was founded, not by religionists or humanists, but by Christian Puritans; not on religions but on the gospel of Yeshua ha Meshiah. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been and are afforded asylum should they turn and accept the Father’s biblical terms of peace to then live in YHWH's lawfully respecting harmony among us.

The goal of our remnant is to restore the early American Puritan jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations and to limit those in seats of judicial authority to biblical boundaries.”

Biblical Correctness Ministries

And of course I see yet another way to word what I see Scripture telling us...

 From our home page, a message of about three years now:

So to address the many understandable questions I'm getting wanting to know "why we don't focus or teach on all the various law issues anymore like we had done for so many years?"
...all of those man-created law remedies are fast becoming pretty much useless now.  All such knowledge is practically a moot point knowing what we know now.  Bottom line?  Either bow down with love and embrace the reign of Him who created you...   or perish.
Its an elegant grand finale "checkmate of all checkmates" on Father's part for all that thought to cheat Him and "climbeth up some other way" (ref. John 10:1; think also "Tower of Babel" and man's faith in his own accomplishments in expecting to bypass Father's authority and gain godhood or even just an escape from all the madness via their own man-made ways).
What it finally comes down to is a genuinely simple battle between "good vs. evil" where good vs. evil is not determined by man and his laws, but by YHWH, the One who created all truth and every one of our souls, where each of those souls must now decide who's side they are on.  The lines are being drawn in the sand and the time has finally come where the passage:  "Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess" is becoming the apparent instruction that no man on the planet can avoid facing now, as we are entering into the greatest time of YHWH's judgment that man has ever faced, and there never has been any such thing as a neutral ground to hide in between Father's side and satan's side (as many of us had previously wanted to believe).   "Time" is that neutral zone, and that "time" is now coming to a close for every man and woman alive today.   So then...

If you belong to YHWH, you will simply walk away from man's system by faith.  If you belong to satan, you will sign more papers (as satan's agents seem to require) then walk away, showing that you still fear man and his authority more than God. 

There's no neutral ground or "secular legal area" of any kind in life.  Its an imaginary area where man's law is pretended to sit in between God's jurisdiction and satan's jurisdiction.  And since there is no other authority in the universe but YHWH, then why would one even foolishly assume that they could "trust" in any such people who have deceived you into believing that you have to sign or study any of their non-laws in the first place?  "Trusting" that they will abide by what you have studied to be their written way out, is like asking satan if you could have ice water if you stoke his fires all year.  Do we really think satan will honor any promises and actually give out the ice water?  If we can't trust them to stop the chemtrails, the GMO's, the vaccination poisons, etc, then what gives folks the sad hope that these inhumane liars will somehow just stop treating these gullible people like a slave as well just because they did the paperwork correctly?  That's the logic of insanity.

No, there's no such thing as neutral, nor any such thing as man's laws. You either answer to the Father's laws or you don't.  To petition the other side (for anything, including any form of attempted emancipation) is only to foolishly admit that they still have authority over you.

Nowhere in Scripture does our Heavenly Father tell us to sign or submit anything (or to even read any of man's writings til we're cross-eyed), but to just step away from the beast.  The Bible simply tells us to "come out from among them" and "call upon His name".  Levi "left all, rose up, and followed him."  He did not go blind before or afterwards, but was even rewarded with a spot in the Father's Bible for his step of simple courage.  Levi's eyes were opened with such clarity that he simply "Left all, rose up and followed Him."  he didn't try to get a permission slip first due to fear of the beast, nor did Yeshua turn him around and tell him to go study and get the paperwork done properly.

Jan 2, 2015, 3:34 AM