Did the document fail us?

...or was it the spiritually-opposing hearts of those who gave us that Constitution?

It seems that a lot of people don't yet fully understand, even once getting to these deeeper layers of this spiritual war, that it is not just the governing document(s) that need to be repaired/replaced with a statement of decree that honors YHWH, but the hearts of the men signing it (and those living under it as well of course).

Consider this:

George Washington outright refused to take communion in the protestant church his whole life (see video here, about 3/4 of the way through), yet was the biggest figure in bringing forth the now famous document that supposedly "saved" America, where many if not all of the other signers were as uncommitted to Christ as Washington was (or even worse in their 'pretended' faith).   Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Payne, John Adams (and perhaps many others that we are yet unaware of) were slaves to diametrically opposing beliefs in their luciferian organizations, thus offering up supposed "righteous" documents, even as they believed in almost everything under the sun BUT the Bible.  I strongly believe, that the only thing that kept us from being smitten right then and there by the Father in 1787 was the fact that many in America at that time were unaware of this document-writing charade and were yet righteous men in many parts of our early colonial nation, where our merciful Father granted us patience due to the yet remaining faithful purists who sadly then slowly disappeared over time, until too many men had fallen away from Him altogether in this land, where here we are now, clearly and rightfully abandoned by YHWH as well, where now the very few righteous men who now had been warning the last few semi-caring leaders to repent and make that personal commitment, are kicked to the gutters just as Jeremiah was cast into the dungeon's cesspool for trying to warn his leaders of their similar sinful ways.   

Therefore, was it the document and the document only, that became the "golden calf" that is technically holding us back now as some seem to think?  Or is it just part of the problem with idolatry where Father's abandonment of us is also (and perhaps even more so) being caused by the unsaved men in the nation that are merely going through the motions of being saved in their starry-eyed leadership roles, hoping to somehow gain the grace of YHWH and thereby also the cheers and honors of their enslaved countrymen and neighbors should they succeed?

Let me propose a scenario to you.  And this one's really far fetched I will admit, but it will then show the audacity of those who themselves are no better equipped than my example will quickly show here, to do the same as they are trying to similarly do:

Imagine that even millions of Buddhists or Muslims surprisingly decide to use the Bible as their only governing document, doing so only hoping to get out of the trouble they are facing with the global defacto system, and hoping to thereby be recognized by YHWH for their efforts.  Yet at the same time they all stayed true to their unbiblical faiths of Buddhism or Islam, etc.    Could the God of that Bible, YHWH, bless them in such "academic only" endeavors?  No.  the hearts of the men who signed this document and who also agreed to live under it would need to first make internal, individual conversions, covenants and commitments with YHWH, to in any way even gain His attention that they even wrote such a document, let alone get Him to honor it and provide them blessings and protection.  Why?  Because naturally, if one cannot commit to YHWH's ways in his own personal life, he is not serious in his heart about that same system of law for his nation and fellow brethren either.  If that system of love and brotherly harmony, based on YHWH's law and justice is not good enough for you, how is it then that you want to have that God impose it on everybody else around you?  ...YHWH won't do that.

Is this not what most "freedom leaders" are doing today?  being themselves unwilling to commit themselves to their Creator in a personal way, yet wanting to somehow gain His might and protections in a governmental way over their tyrannical enemies only?   

And just like George Washington had done when confronted about his lack of commitment (where all truly focused leaders need to get right with the Father in such ways), they rebel and withdraw even further from Him rather than increase their commitment to him , doing just as Washington did, where it is factually also in that video, where he just quit going to that preacher's church altogether to avoid any further confrontations with such issues of taking Communion.   How can such lack of commitment to YHWH be rewarded?  In Washington's case, satan rewarded him for his loyalty with his own newly-corrupt nation.


George Washington wouldn't take communion with Christ, and noticing that same type of rebellion in many of our own "patriot" leaders today (who similarly wont commit to Yeshua in any serious individual way), we can see that there can be no blessing of the Father upon such men, no matter how "close" to biblical law they then write their documents, as the document has to be a product of the heart that wrote it (not the other way around) which is what a nation's true contract or covenant with the Father (through His Son) really is, as it is the Father's acceptance of the collection of all individual hearts that love and commit to Him that draw His protective wings around them, not an empty contract of such.   And Father is not an easily fooled patsy of any kind either my friends, as again, this whole scenario is a wrath of YHWH in the first place, upon those who want to do just that, and "get the milk through the fence free".   They sadly want to work around the Father's set rules in their personal lives, but simultaneously expect the governance protections of that God somehow, where He is being expected to force the global ruling class to obey the very same law system that they themselves can't commit to.  Father calls this hypocrisy, something He says He is going to punish.  He is going to send this end-times wrath against this very type of evil first...    which are those who call themselves by His name, but who themselves deny being responsible under that very same authority.

Nebuchadnezzar on the other hand was wise in such similar circumstances, in that even as he was yet in his beast-like state for having become swallowed up in his own pride and materialistic, self-serving evils, felt the humility of the Father's sentence upon him where he then one day "lifted up his eyes unto heaven" and "knew that the most high Elohim ruled over all kingdoms of men" (and ruled over them whether men liked it or not), where his understanding was restored to him (Daniel 4:34, 5:21).  Today's leaders are yet "found wanting" in such attributes of reverence for an almighty Sovereign Creator, and thereby will not likely be found rewarded, but perhaps even severely punished for their "hardened pride" (Dan 5:20).