A Sword for Peace

Father willing, our upcoming book:
Who has not found that they have been deceived in at least some way, shape, or form in these recent times?  And haven't many of us discovered that there were some things that could have been avoided, as well as things that could have been helping us fight this beast system all along had we not been so thoroughly deceived in the first place?

Please bear with us and let the many sections of this website and our contributors share with you the hopes of the Bible's wonderful restorative qualities, where such understandings of how the sword of our Savior's occassional "tough" or "cutting" lessons might then become a milestone of unexpected excitement in many of us who had, in humanist ways, been unsuccessfully wrestling with the thought of how to save our souls, our families, our churches, and our nation.  The Bible has had the answers all along in all of these categories, sitting right here in front of us in its wonderfully overarching plan for the righteous man's escape from this evil world!  But just like the ancient "Dark Ages" of the days of the Holy Roman Empire and many other overlapping decoys that pulled the world away from that precious Bible, it appears that we may have been lulled into an even darker time than the dark ages period itself! Those few of us who are now at peace in having faced the responsibility of digging for the truth and are seeing all this from a satisfied perspective now, are amazed at just how simple a rescue we could have had all along.

This section therefore is specifically offered to help us work on the family aspects of our Savior's "sword for peace", a two edged sword of instruction, mature disciplines, and loving rules that are designed to divide those who are willing to work with the Father's overall plan for peace, from those who are not, which, when the rebels of our families some day see the line in the sand that millions are now re-learning and thereby leaves no room for their sins of rebelliousness or any excuses for such ways, oft times will then relent and agree to using this written Word of YHWH as if it were a friendly referee in their family quarrels.

This amazing Book is truly able to help restore any families that are willing to not let pride or sin keep them from using the Bible as the "rulebook" in re-learning how the Creator had intended us to live together in perfect joy and loving peace as families.  If we can make that first step a reality in our families, that the God of Creation is the wisest, most fair, and most loving of hearts above all men that ever lived, where every family member will agree to use the Bible as if it were the greatest light of hope for restoring peace in their home, or more aptly put, as the most wondrous authoritative guidance system ever written by which anyone can work to achieve this family harmony,  ...then the hardest hurdle is already overcome.  But this is where most families today have at least one member who will not agree to using this "old fashioned book" or who might say that its rules/laws for us have been done away with, etc., which then throws a massive wrench into even the first step of such hopes for the rest of that family.

Many families today have been so well conditioned by satan's alternate sources of moral guidance (television, unbiblical churches, etc) that they are hopelessly lost forever in the beast system's "mass conditioning of the mind", and thereby often seem to have at least one or two people in their home who refuse to accept that the Bible is a worthy referee in family quarrels (let alone give it the slightest chance to truly help them in their families) and they thereby resultantly become the immovable hearts in such families that keep those families from finding the overall peace of true family love again. 

We hope that your family will have an open heart for the simple disciplines of YHWH's design of lovingkindness for family harmony and will therefore become just as excited about learning these biblical methods of peace, as we've been in discovering it ourselves!    -Dwaine

To first show how the beast system churches have all but destroyed our respect for God's instructions that teach such love (for those who have such family members) try this short line of thought:

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