A Rebel Against the Greatest Plan for Peace…

If one is frightened, but not frightened enough to repent of their sins, then perhaps 
they’re not really frightened enough yet. 

How many people are complaining that they are frightened of this growing global 
tyranny, but are yet standing there telling you this while they are smoking a 
cigarette, or are still routinely having sex outside of marriage, etc? 

Some will say that they don’t believe in God, or that “men wrote the Bible”, and 
so forth.  This is merely their way of externally excusing their sins because they 
have no real way of doing so anymore in today’s information-filled world. 

The Bible tells us that God’s Law shall be written on the tables of our hearts, 
meaning that men will inwardly know what the truth really is via their 
consciences, but the problem is that their lust for their sins have become so strong 
that it has taken control of their hearts where they then all but completely block 
out this inner guidance system, even when they know its for their own good. 

They will then weep and gnash their teeth at those who are telling them any of 
this, and against those who are lovingly trying to save them from their own self-inflicted fate. 

They fear the words of the genuine preacher, instead desperately seeking preachers 
who will “tickle their ears”, and not because the genuine preacher is a bad guy, but 
quite the contrary, as he is telling them things that their inward heart knows to be 
true and is needful for them, but they must lash out in ways that turn the tables on 
this preacher, as he is painfully interfering with their desires to have their cake and 
eat it too.  He is then made to be the evil one of the populous, as he will not “go 
with the flow” and won’t do like everybody else and simply bless them in their sin 
as the other “nice” preachers on television do for them. 

The preacher then becomes their greatest mortal enemy, a most despised ogre of their world who will not let them rest in their sins against a Holy God and His Kingdom. 

These are often the more vocal people who are energetically critical of the powers 
to be, knowing that such rulers are oppressing them with laws that they don’t like.
Yet…   the One who created true Law, where righteous, peaceful men could all 
live in harmony, they also hate. They inwardly hate this lawgivig God because His system of law takes away their own ways in which they presently take advantage of people and society themselves
And yes, “sin is the transgression of the law” of God, and is a transgression of the law because any such sin upsets the otherwise perfect harmony for all peaceful liberties of the whole of God’s creation.
Sin is yes, oppressive to that system and society, no matter how minor the infraction of that
“sin” may appear to be, otherwise it would not have been classified as a “sin” or “broken Law” in the first place.   So they hate this Almighty Benevolent Ruler as well, not wanting to admit that they are being oppressive to their brethren and society. 

Now of course they won’t outwardly or publicly admit that they hate this Ruler (more properly known as YHWH in that dreaded Bible), as they know that there are others out there who are aware of this God’s greater perfection in the art of kindness to all of mankind, others who are not rebellious to Him and His people, but they themselves inwardly hate the righteousness that they know inside they are in rebellion against. 

They then hate the terrifying overlords of tyranny, but then also hate the God of righteousness at the same time.  A most traumatic dilemma for impenitent man. 

They then weep, and gnash their teeth at those who have overcome this internal conflict, rather than submit and repent of such sins to otherwise join the joyful who are desperately, out of love, trying to help save them from their own fate, where these rebels will often die in their stubbornness and terror, rather than spend eternity being grateful for those who had tugged on their hearts and had dragged them to safety.    – safety from their own oppressive sins against their more righteous brethren’s harmonies via their more gracious “Ruler”. 

In one statement therefore: 

“When we, as mankind, have passed the Bible up in wisdom fairness, and lovingkindness (which will never happen), perhaps we can then stop using that Book for everything in our lives.  Until then, those who deny even the least of its contents, are rebels to truth, and friends with the lying tyrants that thought themselves so wise as to oppress us.” 

—Dwaine Moore   
Biblical Correctness Ministries / Solemn Assemblies Broadcasts

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