A Government Built On...  LOVE ?

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   Yes folks, what a novel idea, right?  What a grand day it would be (and especially to the more oppressed of us), to suddenly have a government based on love, eh?

Think about it.  A government that insists that we love one another!  Wow !!!  But that's exactly what the Israelites and the early puritans in America were well aware of and trying to preserve for us, as that is precisely how the Father's law system is founded...  on love!

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and greatest commandment [law]. And the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."  -Matthew 22:37-40

When Yeshua said this, He was speaking very clearly about who was in authority and what the Father's law system was built around.  It was built on YHWH's unimaginable love.

Could we expect such a law system from today's corporate-minded politicians and lawgivers?  Ha Ha, That'd be the furthest thing from their minds, right?  Greed and power rule us today, not love.  So why are so many people in America expecting these power-mongers to somehow suddenly head in the direction of love and kindness for us?  All of the candidates for president for example, are so heavily power-oriented, that I wouldn't want a single one of them to even run my power mower for me, let alone rule my nation!  So why do so many of us Americans still have "hope in them"?  Well, maybe it's because we can't bear the thought of going all the way back to the laws of a God that would expect all of us to be good as well, that's all.  Its actually just that simple.  People do not want to give up their own sins of choice, but yet want the ever-worsening elite to give up theirs. 

The elite want to be super-tyrants, while we yet do not want to lose our perks in being mini-tyrants.  And yes, you're reading that right, the elite want to oppress our neighbors, but so do we, as we all play a part in their beast system that is based in bribery, robbery, deception and death.  We happily "sign up" and take various perks and prizes for helping the elite take more and more of our neighbor's sweat equity and freedoms, and so we too (if we are still in any way a part of that system) are willfully helping them to...   oppress our neighbors, not love them!

The only way to successfully achieve a government built on love, is to re-educate all of the people who refuse to go along with the Father's perfect system, and that is exactly what those in our ministry are hoping will taking place in our time, since those in America's beast-idolizing churches aren't resposible enough to help do so with us.  Our Father's re-emerging truth is separating the sheep from the goats, and rebuking those who prefer to oppress their neighbors rather than love them.  Such folks who are not showing the real fruits of wanting a kingdom of Father's love, are being readied for their just reward--the lake of fire, while true believers who love one another, would do as Yeshua had done, and take a chance on suffering through a carrying of their crosses of biblical responsibility themselves, rather than disobey the Father's perfect law of love and put their neighbors through any further oppression.  Even the slightest alignment with this evil tyrannical system empowers these twisted people and advances their satanic empire rather than advance the Father's kingdom.  Ye cannot serve two masters. You can only be a representative for one.  Those trying to ride the fence, hoping to somehow remain comfortable in the battle that is forming around us, will be "spued out" of Father's ranks per Yeshua's biblical case law example found in Revelation 3:16.

We, on the other hand, who want nothing more than to see that system of brotherly love put in place forever, are trying desperately to awaken those we know and love, as to just how important it is that they see this simple dichotomy taking place right before our eyes in our generation.  Yet few want to hear our cries for love, and instead seem to often want to kick us out of their world, for "ruining their fun", do they not?

We have written and recorded many evidences in our ministry, showing just how clearly the Bible explains to us in countless ways that our associations with such oppressors may even negate us as one of Father's children, but yet many of today's American Christians have (through "group think"-based consensus, if nothing else) found many ways of either deeming it to be "a necessary evil" or outright needful via some other vague self-preservation philosophy, justifying their desire to stay in the Babylonian roles with their oppressor gods.  

Are Christians going to also similarly justify helping the oppressors commit murder in the same fashion?  What if they already are, by willfully ignoring the real reasons behind the elite's heinous mass-murdering wars [false flags] and then there's the many mass-genocide plans that their beast associations are supporting, that are already in operation to depopulate the planet ?  And that's not to mention how their many ties of accepting this beast also support the thousands of abortions on innocent babies every day!  Are such ties any different than signing up to support the sacrificing of infants to Baal?  Is not all of that 'murder'?  Are not their ties to this government beast an endorsement of such evils and perhaps even acting as an accomplice in such evils?  Just how far will the world's global Churchianity crowd go, to avoid facing the truth of their ties to this beast?

See the first few videos (roughly numbers 1-4) on our "New American Puritan Bible Study" page or the many Bible passages in the articles that we've included on our "Come out of her my people" page, for those yet unfamilar with how many numerous ways the Bible reveals how we are to keep ourselves pure and to have no part whatsoever with those who would oppress others, as of course, such lacking consciences are not driven out of a love for one's neighbors, but of a heart that is only looking out for themselves.  They are then no different than the elite tyrants themselves who have their "Cremation of Care" ceremonies at Bohemian Grove, where such folks sadly have the wrong heart to then enter into the kingdom of YHWH.

Be ye not deceived nor unequally yoked to such heartless machinery my friends.  Your social security ties and such, are marking you lawfully (and legally) as a true servant of the beast, rather than as a servant of the living God of the Bible!

And for those folks who are still trying to create some new form of man-made law system that is only a way of hoping to use wordcraft in side-stepping Father's love and laws, please know that we will do our best to keep praying for you.

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house, we're choosing a government system built on love!    .... YHWH's Love!


We have a special audio series that we've put together for this subject.  This is going to be a very important topic in upcoming times. so please pass the link around to all who want a "Governemnt Built on Love".  Thank You my brethren!

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