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They that say they are Jews...

posted Jul 18, 2012, 11:07 AM by Dwaine   [ updated Oct 13, 2015, 4:33 PM ]

"Give me authority of my YHWH in heaven and I care not who makes a nation's laws OR, who has its money."    -dwaine (advocate for the OLD world order) 1-5-2011

   It is being revealed and becoming well known with more clarity and evidences almost everyday, exposing another large segment of the "elitist criminals" who are perpetrating much of the world's global evils against the innocent, and are fitting the description of (and thereby fulfilling) the passages in Revelation 2:9,10 - 3:9-11:

The first part of this interesting revelation is where one major part of this problem of "phony Jews" (The "Khazar Jews" in this case) came onto the scene with greater fury in numbers and ferocity, during the era of the "church at Smyrna" (which was not long after the apostolic age):
"I know ... the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan.  Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that you may be tried ...  He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death. ...  "

The second half of this prophetic message of warning from our Savior through 'John the Revelator', is written seemingly to be emphasized as having its first action in the beginning of the Church at Philadelphia (and there's reason why) but I believe the suggestion is that this issue is to be taken as a fair warning throughout the full 6-church period from Smyrna to the end, and therefore also carried over to be included for us as well in the present church age, the "church of Laodicea":
"Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold I will make them come and worship before thy feet and to know that I loved thee.  Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I will also keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.  Behold I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man may take your crown"
(Notice that this false identity problem and its heavenly resolve is mentioned JUST BEFORE Yeshua says He's "coming quickly" (overlapping in time through the entire seventh church age which is why I also believe that this false identity problem and its warning carries over into our very last days before the Messiah arrives).  So keep the faith my brethren, we're almost home, Amen?)

here are many facts to this Hebrew-based "race/heritage" issue, with other subtopics to cover, including Zionism, the present physical "State" of Israel, the 'dual citizenship' issue regrading many political/corporate elite in our nation (and other nations) who are being found to be bordering on the precipice of treason, etc.

At this juncture, and at the request of a local friend, I am hopping into this section earlier than planned with at least a beginner's look into the lies behind the Talmud.  The Talmud, is the "alternative" law system that was slowly put into place, beginning well before Yeshua's first advent, which we can very clearly see now is why He was referring to these various corrupt folks in Israel and Judah as "whited sepulchres", as the "Talmud" is the hard-to-ignore written documentation that shows the centuries-old progressive wickedness of the corrupt Sanhedrin, High Priests, Scribes, and pharisees (etc) who had, behind the scenes, been getting involved in these deceptions for personal gain even going as far back into the Bible as the times of the tower of Babel.  This link therefore is just one 'version' of the many endless departures from the Torah (true YHWH-given Hebrew law) that exist today, but just like our modern day "Christianity" has been sent in endless directions of deviation and corruption, thus creating multiple defiled 'Bible versions' and denominational distractions (and intentionally), so too have the luciferian Hebrew ancesters and their writings become corrupt with many contributing factors such as micro-managing rabbibical law, occultic cabballism, etc.  

But this is not without hope.  Many people of Hebrew descent and heritage, etc,  (like the awakening evangelicals on the "Christian" side of this O.T./N.T. dichotomy in some of our own "biblical" circles), are waking to this as well, excitingly beginning to fulfill the "two house" or "two stick" prophecy of Ezekiel chapter 37 and other passages (see our book, pages 12-14) .

And although this particular link (on a more modern Talmud) is from the Rense Website (where I have found some biblically-founded errors from time to time) the listing itself seems to be very concise and (to the best of our research's present findings) fairly accurate.  Here's the link: The Truth About the Talmud

There is also the secret history of the writing that is now commonly known as "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and the link we just gave is yet another very chilling reality of the more modern way that this Talmudic-inspired mindset has carried itself into sheer satanism.  Just read section IV, "Materialism replaces religion" when you get there for a taste of what they have been planning to do with "God".

Keep in mind that many aspects of this type of corruption under this more general umbrella term of "false Jews" have (at the very least) some vague and interesting geneological/political ties relating back in various ways to the occultic Chaldean-styled practices that the ancient Hebrews had learned during their early times of captivity under the Assyrians, Babylonians (and even the Egyptians) where, those who were "ambitious" of a devious sense, and who did not have the heart of YHWH, had been tempted into this "dark side" of life to better achieve goals of temporal greed, power, and glory for themselves and themselves alone (irregardless of who it might hurt as well).   Understanding this lineage and its true motives helps to greatly reveal the root of the drive behind all of these "Hebrew-claiming" secret society and/or deceptive "wolves in sheeps clothing" "nephilim" or "big bullies".  
Side Note:
This "usurpation of noble-appearing thrones" seems to go back to the times of Noah's day in very amazing ways as well which we hope to begin writing about very soon, where certain Hebrew words we are finding in Scripture seem to be clearly indicating that what we are seeing today, is almost exactly what was causing the "violence" that Father was upset about in the book of Geneisis and had chosen to destroy mankind with in Noah's day. (see Strong's: nephilim means: bully, feller, tyrant) In other words, they were up against "tyrannical conspirators" or "big bullies" via deception (i.e.: metonymy)! ...not due to any real physical strength of their own!) Is this not what they are doing to us as well, in the media, churches and courts etc? ...word-craft? (see metonymy section under the "Is their 'legalese' satanic?" page here).

We hope to have much more on this subject of geneological deception in the near future.  If any of you would like to offer contributing articles that are factual and verifiable (before we complete this section), feel free to contact the editor through our "contact us" section at the left.

A "Walls in our Minds" audio recording on the deeper realities of "Christian Zionism" and how it was intentionally created (not much more than a hundred years ago) to be somewhat as the diametrically-opposed counter-effect to  the Vatican-created Islam.  Islam being "thesis" and today's Zionist Evangelicals being "antithesis" to bring about the Jesuit hegelian dialectic of a "synthesis" of the "One World Religion" of a kabbalist-approved Roman Catholicism or "universal" church.   (see also this diagram from our "Charts, Diagrams & Timelines" page.)    
NOTE:  Please keep in mind also, that we are not aligning with all of Mr. Carlson's work, as his views of Catholicism seem to be somewhat "inconclusive' (to be polite and in being fair with him) since he has admittedly "not studied that area as well as [we] have" when we asked him here and in further interviews to expound on the Catholic-related corruptions with us.  -dwaine

Also, we would like to include a link to a unique video called "the Khazarian Conspiracy".
Please first know that there are some brief moments of foul language (which we certainly do not condone), but the video's message is important to understand and then incorporate into one's overall picture of how these many various deceptions are being used to distract us.  Secondly, I believe the video is a little on the over-dramatized side (which most film-makers tend to do to drive home their points), but has a huge amount of historic accuracy to glean from nonetheless.  Once one understands the Scripture that prophetically fits this overall picture and how they have pulled so many away from biblical truth and into a war of hate based on race, etc, the details of the political aspects are not as important as the general false facade that this deceptive plan is constructed of. 

I had an interesting thought today along the lines of this subject, and perhaps my publishing it's simple but reflective parallels could be seen as a thought of caution for those in these bloodlines among us, but...

In Yeshua's time, One of the twelve disciples apparently did not believe that Yeshua (Jesus) was the true Messiah and Son of God.  This disciple of twelve then got greedy and was found collaborating with the enemy, was later found having cast himself into the throws of perdition and was eventually replaced.    --it was Judas of course.

Today, there are multitudes within the twelve tribes also saying that they are following the Messiah, and one of the twelve tribes also seems to be having extreme difficulty believing that Yeshua (Jesus) was/is the true Messiah as they too are (for the most part) also getting greedy and collaborating with the very same enemy.   --it is the tribe of Judah of course.

Now, naturally I can't say much on how this present tribe might be replaced as a group today without venturing into a lot of speculation (although I feel I could perhaps make a pretty good stab at it), but I do think I'd be pretty cautious nonetheless about calling myself a Jew in these times, where maybe I'd rather just wisely do all that I could to be on my best behavior biblically, quietly referring to myself as "one of the ancient Hebrew bloodlines" perhaps at best, and only if called to answer such a question.  

Yeshua is coming to claim His kingdom this time around.  Those who are even remotely thinking about hanging out with "those who say they are Jews" and their co-conspirators, boastfully claiming such a title of heritage, might be wise to watch that they are not carelessly spitting into the wind as we see the day approaching, hmmm?! 

We'd remind folks to remember the lengthy passage of Romans chapter 11, where it could be heavily debated that one of the tribes (not meaning all of original Israel, mind you) could find itself in not a little trouble these days: "For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee." (Romans 11:21).

Did Rome create Islam?

posted Jul 8, 2012, 9:52 AM by Dwaine   [ updated Dec 31, 2015, 6:09 PM ]

The very successful centuries-old deception that Islam is somehow a religion all of its own, actually hides the ultimate hegelian dialectic scheme being played out against us in our generation!   After all we have seen already, are we yet that gullible to actually assume that there were not global forces acting upon the creation and operation of one of the world's most "suddenly useful" religions for...  "placing the blame on"...   (- ahem -)...   "again and again" ?

Pitting two sides against one another to "eradicate both ends to justify the means" (thesis vs. antitheses to result in synthensis) is now a well known Jesuit tactic of social warfare that often ends in extreme violence and death for both sides (which we now know they also want anyway).   Yet we must remember the passage, "and then shall that wicked be revealed", where hopefully many on both sides (both the CIA-driven Islamic Jihadists and the warhawk neo-conservative military gun loaders) are piecing this together with us and will see how they have both been set at odds, cocking guns at one another, and almost literally as cannon fodder for the ultra rich, where, if the "warriors" on both sides were to think this through before they enlist on either side of this bogus "war on terror", perhaps we can all see the truth and thereby turn our energies on those who pitted us against one another in the first place and seek REAL justice!

Audio broadcast with our good friend "Rusty" from Ohio and his exertise on this subject:

The Islamic Connection

Here's one from our buddy Walter Veith on the subject. If this one does not bring the viewer to see the real ties that Islam has to the Vatican, then perhaps its too late for that viewer(?)

Let's also look at how the  powers behind the scenes created and then the mainstream media groomed ISIS to be the bogey man, themselves having to create this new terrorist group now that we have caught on to how they had created Al-quiada, etc:

On Jurisdiction and Law...

posted Jul 5, 2012, 5:18 PM by Dwaine   [ updated Dec 10, 2015, 8:20 PM ]

"Government is essentially group restraint for the morally immature.   The more immature we then become, the more government that will be tolerated.   The more we let such powers grow, the less we will mature, by the very absence of the freedom to do so responsibly."   
-dwaine 3-30-06

New booklet that clearly shows the problems with "common law", "natural law", and similarly classified law systems:  "Defining "LAW" and removing satan's abstract decoys"

As a way to simplify my previous article "At what point should a rape be stopped?", but to more resoundingly give a full picture of my shorter line, "Its not up to the victim to follow the criminal's rules", try this summarized version on those around you who are starting to wake up to the fact that yes, there is a two-tiered, one good,  one evil, court system:

"In what "just" court of this land should the favor of judgment rest on the side of the rapist, rather than the victim; with the deceiver, rather than with the honest?
Since when is it up to the victim to absorb, learn, and follow every single hidden nuance of the rapist's rules in order for the courts to protect the victim from any further harm or injustice by the rapists?  What ever happened to good old fashioned common sense and the Bible's wholesomeness in discerning good from evil?  How did they turn it upside down, where the crooks are now foolishly just "accepted" to somehow be "in charge" of determining who makes the rules of the court regarding right and wrong, when the pilgrims had it set up just fine with the Bible?"  Can you say "1787"?

I'm finding that even some influential court clerks and staffers are starting to wake up to the fact that they might be next in line, and are starting to listen.  Perhaps some of us might want to speak to some of the ones we can befriend at the water coolers here and there when waiting for our friend's verdicts, etc, and plant some hard to ignore bugs in their ears.                  

"We want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us YHWH.

On our recent discoveries of the literal satanic language of "legalese" behind today's defacto court systems:
"Woe unto you, lawyers!  for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered."  -Luke 11:52

For an in-depth view of the evils of the 501c3 "beast" church system, watch this phenomenally concise video on why true believers should not be anywhere near the "jurisdiction" of such a church:

Pastor Robin Wright: Government Takeover of the Church (501c3 issue)

Food for thought:

A friend of mine from a good several years back now, just emailed me this afternoon where a thoroughly-thought-out excerpt from it said this (in reference to an article I had sent out today on the Father's "will"): 

"If one’s “will” is also in fact the action of one’s hand, and their actions, and ‘we’ are also an ‘image’ of the Creator (vs Destroyer) is it also not Our Responsibility to hold those that Destroy Accountable for the Actions contrary to peace, life, and love?"

And of course her thoughts were very well founded as I would expect of her, but I had to bring something to light where I then responded thusly (edited slightly to fit this format), due to how we have been discovering the deeper skullduggery of "metonymy" that they have been deceptively using on us, and which we, as a lazy nation had "fallen for", out of complacency and lack of diligence. I said this:

"I have read this all but want to ask that you also then consider this concerning the circumstances as of late:

Article VI of the Constitution (near the end) basically says that there shall be no religious test.


Can we justifiably rebuke, reprimand, or punish servants who, having achieved that office Constitutionally, and having followed their OWN "gods" morals, and who then appearingly went against our merely 'implied' system of biblical morals?   If their "sharia law" for example, tells them to punish the infidels, and they went by their own understanding of what "infidels" meant (and here, that'd be Christians for example), and we hadn't BY PARTICULARS, specified which "Creator" or "religious morals" we, as a nation go by, then who is the one failing to go by "specified laws"?   Who deserves to be punished?   Him who had only carelessly "implied" his laws, or him that went by the open-ended-ness of the true written laws?

There was more I wrote her in that email, but let me take it in my own words from here on out for those who weren't on some of the recent calls:

The usurping Masonic founders had cleverly "neutralized" and/or replaced (however you want to word it) the earlier Puritan's much more biblical colony/state writings with enough secular "neutrality" before and during the time that the 1776 and 1787 founding documents were written, that the real struggle now is in realizing that our founding documents are almost basically void for vagueness in some areas in the realm of religion and specific moral or ethical law.

This is what we have been studying in depth on our calls recently, especially on s-turday nights.  There's much more to add when you understand how the first amendment replaces the biblical concept of monotheism with polytheism as well, and as we are seeing all of this deceptive "metonymy" or "word-craft" (the language of courtroom witchcraft?), we are seeing that our courts are just an echo or extension of the satanic rituals that the druids had performed in the secret society "groves and high places" over the centuries.  Its hard 
not to ask yourself the real reason why the judges wear black robes!? 

In other words, we've been duped via what the Strong's Hebrew dictionary and Webster's 1828 dictionary define as: "metonymy".   When you get right down to the brass tacks of it all, it truly is looking more and more like the spiritual war that it really is, good versus evil, where we, as good stewards of our land at the same time, will continue to fight this fight in the halls of justice, but it must first start in the hearts of men in YHWH's true morals, and man's courage to stand on those morals without shame, specifying BY PARTICULARS OF LAW, who we honor as Creator, and who's morals we follow as a result, without exception."

A few of us were on a show about a week or two back (Terry, Red , Myself) and we were discussing issues that surrounded the topic of how America is terrified of even just the thought of a theocracy.  Now this was where I (having been studying this quietly for a good while) took advantage of the opportunity (as I was a little cautious of what Red would say when I said this) but I said something to the effect, "Red, we are already IN a theocracy.  There was a short pause If I remember, but we kept on, and I continued my case with others adding further comment, etc.  Before the end of the show however (and you can tell he had been in deep thought over it since I had said it some half hour earlier), Red said (and just as so many of us are aware of) that he was preaching that very type of mindset, that America was in love with "government god", and he had been saying that for nearly 30 years, but never thought about it in that light before, but that yes, we are certainly in a theocracy, a theocracy of "government god". 

Therefore, if your American friends (or those in any other luciferian nation for that matter) are afraid of the thought of a true theocracy under the much more perfect laws of YHWH, then remind them that the law system they are presently under, is the tyrannical theocracy of satan, disguised through humanism.

In hoping to offer some comfort here, I can, by my own experience, say that its hard to wrap one's mind around this thought from a quick glance, but...   Can it really be?   ...that we really 
are already are in a theocracy...      —a theocracy of satan's design and ethics?   ...almost the same exact system that we, as "Puritan America" had once escaped from?

but were we not duly warned?

"Be ye not deceived!"

One glaring question now stands as this dust settle in our minds:  Are we to "fix" what the forefather's either missed, or were tricked and/or intimidated out of?

Perhaps (and I mean, just perhaps) its time to add "particulars" to our documents as we wait for the Messiah's return, but to advance His kingdom on earth all the more, as we are to be responsible stewards of our land at the same time, be it while trying to repair our present land, and/or while encouraging the an even greater one from on High.   All in  all, I would much rather have one of Yeshua's governed theocracies than another one like the luciferian one we have now.   How 'bout you guys?

"...and the government shall be on his shoulder" (Isaiah 9:6) Amen?   "Thy kingdom come"

Not really sure of the other beliefs of this fellow, and in this audio he may not have the Sacred names in his heart as we do, but this particular cut is very well put for this particular subject on unconstitutional taxes and 'jurisdiction' based on Matthew 17:24-27 & other passages:
"The Temple tax" John Weaver

"I was arrested for practicing freedom without a license."    -dwaine 4-17-09

As the "pretend you are free" election season is now over, most of us who know better hadn't paid much attention to it after having long ago seen behind the smoke and mirrors magician's curtain once we understood that the REAL decision in saving ourselves and this nation is not in the "left/right/alternative/whatever you want it to be" political puppet shows, but in the spiritual realm where there's but one decision and one decision only to be made by every soul on the planet, where the world is now either 1)faithfully or 2)fearfully choosing sides between (respectfully) the vision that the reformers and puritans saw for the world, or...  what the satanists and illuminati saw for our world...

Do you want the kingdom of lucifer to keep coming down the pike like a satanic freight train at us?  ...or would you rather see what we are excitedly seeing around the corner in Scripture for the pure of heart, and a genuine coming of the fulfilled kingdom of Yeshua for the saints?

Think outside the box of the beast and see our...


Old Fasioned Solution...

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if a picture is worth a thousand words....

Cartoon illustration: "Old Fashioned Solution" (original 2012 version)
                                       "Old Fashioned Solution"  (2016 version)

Can we assume that this remedy hasn't been implemented properly?  
Are there perhaps some "particulars" of Bible law that are hindering a 'favorable judgment' in our case?  Look at the picture and decide for yourself.  for further clues to see if we have "proper standing" in our day, read these quick specifics.

The Mechanics of Discernment

posted Mar 14, 2012, 2:13 PM by Dwaine   [ updated Oct 24, 2012, 9:07 PM ]

Understanding Father's Wisdom has logical reasoning behind it.   

There's a chain of elegant passage symphonies, that by design, utilizes all of the harmonious verses of Father's instruction being played out in the true believer's heart that, when followed correctly, brings them to the ultimate level of joy in knowing that one has found the face of YHWH, and the famed "peace that passeth all understanding."

See the basics in the study guide below and consider that there are hundreds of additional passages that support the interconnecting mechanics of this as well.

See also Daniel 12:10, II Thessalonians 2:8-12, and Isaiah 66:4,5, to see the dichotomy between those who understand YHWH's more intricate helps, and those who don't.  Obedience to the Father and His truth is absolutely key to receiving the Holy Spirit which "guides us into all truth" (Acts 5:32, John 16:13)

Those who have yet to "come out from among them" (the Babylonian beast system and all its various seductive benefit packages and contracts, etc,) will not be graced with such deeper wisdom of the Father.  See also Revelation 18:3 and Zechariah 14:16-19 where the reward of plagues for such disobedience is shown as a lack of wisdom and discernment ("no rain"= no spiritual wisdom).  YHWH has called, but none did answer, and He therefore "chose their delusion", being that instead of heeding His call, they stayed with some form of clear idolatry, global church system, or another serious compromise (Isaiah 66:4 again).

The Holy Ghost...

posted Mar 14, 2012, 2:11 PM by Dwaine   [ updated Aug 17, 2012, 11:44 PM ]

Are we at peace?  have we found that "peace that passeth all understanding"?

If not, what is holding us back?   Do we truly love Him and embrace His ways?  Yes, then the comfort comes....

Noah's Tears

posted Mar 14, 2012, 2:09 PM by Dwaine   [ updated Mar 9, 2017, 2:10 PM ]

This page may not mean very much to the average reader, but it is a very important one for me.   Writing the introduction to this page at this date (now in 2012), is somewhat like a "five-year reunion" of the unexpected article I wrote just those few years back where, in its first initial pages, it had not only caused me to sit back and realize the unbelievable emotional pain that Noah must have gone through, but it had then also slowly became the bittersweet reality that I myself then had to further deal with in my own world and ministry.   It was only with the realization of my own hunger for growth in Father's truth (upon seeing all of the lies falling down around us in the recent decade), that I also then began alternately seeing the reality of the growing, cancerous dis-interest of so many others whom I know and love.   The initial feeling of the polarization of the two spiritual sides was beginning to make itself known to me for the first time in my life, where far too many were beginning to appear as empty shells of emotional shadows and despair on the other side of today's ark door.  They no longer seemed to have any desire to want Father's truth with very much of their heart.   ...and it has only gotten worse since then.

that moment about five years back now, was somewhat like an awakening point for me, or perhaps a day not unlike that of the cutting of an emotional umbilical cord of sorts, where my seeing the more secure side of my own salvation so strongly had also eventually (and unavoidably) led me to understand the other side of that dichotomy where it was becoming more and more evident that others were drifting further away, and MUCH further away, where they certainly were not wanting to get any closer like myself.   And this only confused me by the way, in light of what should have done just the opposite, in the growing fear of these more terrifying times (but that's another sermon I'm working on in and of itself, where once the watchman on the wall has been ignored over and over, and the swordsman has come all the way to getting his sword under your chin, its a little too late to run OR repent.  When the ark door is shut, can man open it?). 

Nonetheless, it seems that this present period in time somewhat began a very new type of a heartache in me that I had never felt before, that had first sent me into a state of frustration for all those around me that I loved, but where looking back now, I have since become submissively resolved to my YHWH's brilliance and perfection and the ultimate justice that must be done, and the bottom-line realities of how sin must be rewarded with death.   This is what eventually settled in me and has perhaps caused folks that aren't quite as close to me these days to see me as having become more "mellow" or something in the last recent year or so, as it has understandably caused me to face some very new and unforeseen realities in the spiritual realm including the painful passage connections I had to face when writing the recent book "Last Call: Come Out of Her My People".  

Over the last ten to fifteen years or so now, and seeing the lies of the global churches, then having made many corrections to come out from among them in so many many ways, and now being in what feels like the home stretch of resultantly going through these cascading stages of unfolding prophecy over the last four or five years, I can honestly tell you the reader, that there are no easy words to describe the feeling one gets when he sees the painful conclusion in his heart, that the Father has to punish sin.  He simply has to.  He's not the "just" Judge that we need Him to be for our eternal peace and joy, if He was unable to punish sin as promised.  and I mean for ALL of us, the Father included.  If we were not punished and sent away, He'd have to deal with such wicked people for all eternity, just as uncomfortably as we would.  He simply has to turn those away from the gates of the city that "would not that he should reign over them" (see Luke 19:27).

I suppose you can see where I am headed here as I ask, "Are we entering a similar time of utter heartache as Noah had to face?"   "Are we about to see many that we love fall away as today's spiritual ark door is being shut on the hypocritical, the disobedient, and the lukewarm?" 

I suppose this actual paragraph of introduction here then may be one of the deeper moments of reflection that I have ever wanted to convey on paper, and that some of you might have ever heard from me in any emotional sense, even among those of you who know me fairly well, as the things that I am sure are taking place spiritually now (according to Scripture), are causing me to see things from an entirely unexpected vantage point.   --a vantage point that has me wishing that I could, just as Noah had to have been feeling, and...   wanting to just close his eyes and ears till it was all over.    Many today are not going to make it, and I see that now, just as Noah had.  so I don't push people who look like they are already hopelessly unable to hang on to father's life raft of truth and are spiritually drifting away, and just as some may have been drifting away from the ark on debris as the waters rose in Noah's time.

May those who have the slightest bit of "what little they seemeth to have", still hang on, and find the mercy of the Father as this time draws colder and colder to those who have forgotten that Elohim rules over all kingdoms of man. (see Daniel 5:21).

Can there be a last-minute reprieve for those who have truly drifted away from the Father?  Only time will tell, and only they can repent for themselves, I cant do that part for them.

Therefore, those of you who have known me for many years, if I dont seem as "pushy" or "preachy" as I used to be, its not that I no longer love you and want to be a good coach for those of you, but its now sort of like this:
I have seen so much in Scripture that has me convinced that, if the judgment time has begun, then the time for repentance may be over, and I am then  only left to feel an enormous amount of pity for them that do not seem to have any remaining hunger for Father's truth any longer.  its almost that simple--I'm in deep pity for them now, like wanting desperately to comfort someone as you know that the flood waters are going to soon drag them under, knowing where they are going eternally as well, just as Noah had.


The final word is the question "How did Noah Say Goodbye?"  (audio  52 minutes)

Grace vs. Law

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It has been an ongoing feud of "grace versus law" in this nation for far too long.   The "repairing of the breach" miracle of brotherly-love healing that we now see taking place among the more serious saints will not only restore many other items of the early apostolic church in the ways of the Sacred Names, the true Sabbath, etc, but will likely also be the mechanism to similarly bring about the additional reunion of the two sides symbolically eluded to in Ezekiel chapter 37 and in the parable of the prodigal son, Revelation chapters 14, 15, etc, (all this also a key part of our end times book "Last Call"; see p. 12-14).

There have also been some that I have met over the years (especially recently) where I have found them using wording that is clearly what one might call "double-think", where in this case they say and/or agree that you must be obedient to the Father, but that following the same referred-to law is legalism, etc, not seeing even for themselves their own contradiction.  And I myself will readily admit, that "No, we are not 'saved' by the law, nor are we 'under the law' if we ARE saved, but if we love Him, we will naturally embrace and follow the law, as a natural part of our new birth and new nature (see also 1 John 2:4)".   Perhaps the logic in the article and videos on this page will help some who are trapped in this fearful place between Father's perfect, yet active authority, and their own [global church inspired] fatal rebelliousness.  But if the Law is "dead" ("nailed to the cross") as some insist, then did the Messiah die in vain and uselessly go to the cross for us, as such a claim would then almost literally be saying about His sacrifice?  Heaven forbid, thus how we've written about this in the article we've simply called "Grace vs. Law" here.  And a powerful new article we've entitled, "Why Do You Suppose They Executed Paul the Apostle?".  Please also note the videos below, and use our search window for other places around the website that contain related material.

True Grace Instructs

True Grace Instructs
Is Grace the only thing that believers should concern themselves with?  Is the grace of Yeshua to cover future "wilfull" sin as if it were a pre-paid Roman Catholic Indulgence of some kind to just go out and sin all you want now that you're saved?  Or is this another of satan's snares on the biblically unschooled?

So just as Yeshua taught us by the woman caught in adultery, True Grace Instructs us how to no longer be under the Schoolmaster, but to mature into a willful embracing member of YHWH's society and kingdom, where if all respect and follow His "Law of Love", written on our hearts, we then, unike man's infinitely variable and oppressive civil law systems, can all live in peace!

This one should help those who love defining these terms with greater accuracy...
Defining GRACE and LAW

Defining GRACE and LAW

How about the way our friend Walter Veith says it?...  (32 minutes)

Grace and Law

Grace and Law

(If you'd like to download this video to keep, use this link):

Faith Conquers Fear

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"Faith Conquers Fear"

"Fear hath purchased America from its original owner for satan"   -dwaine

Are you marked for YHWH with "Faith"?
...or are you marked for satan with "Fear"?

Satan says, "Be fearful"
YHWH says, "Be faithful!"

who's instruction do you embrace?


This will greatly help to overcome our fears as well...

Living Without Fear

See also the more updated page "The fearful ... shall have their part..."

Special Audio Message to help those with a weak faith: 

 True Faith vs. False Faith  11 minutes; 15.3 MB

"If you truly have the heart of  YHWH, he'll protect you even from fear."    -dwaine 3-16-2010


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"If you refuse to see the error in your church, 
then I dont know that I'd want you in mine."  -dwaine 1-02-2006


Do all denominations lead to the truth, or do they lead to satan's Demon Churches?

Remember:  Revelation describes the "MOTHER OF ALL HARLOTS".   Are we not finding that all other religious roads outside biblical truth to literally (through secret societies and other corruptions) "lead to Rome"?

The following is an email article I did a short time back that I was asked to post here, that went hand-in hand with the article below on the mainstream media and church media.   This is good for your friends in churches like the independant Baptist churches and similar fundamentalist 501c3 churches:

My brothers and sisters,

If one would read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by William L. Shirer, one would see the parallels taking place in America through things like: the party divisions, the media, the state run church system (our federal 501c3 "tax status"-loyal churches, and so forth).

But the key image that one gets, is the way that Hitler used Germany's warring political parties intentionally and advantageously, throwing his own charismatic personality towards "the side of the people" as if he were genuinely their greatest partner against the many tragic an oppresive problems of their day.  He was the gobalists' "opportunist of choice".

The rise of the Nazi party therefore basically began very much like the rise of our own tea party movement here in America, with a genuine flow of well-meaning dissention amongst the populous, forming a heart-felt desire to merely "repair things" in Germany while Hitler, seizing the moment (just like our own power-hungry elite has now sent Glenn Beck in to take over the masses in our own time) steps in and takes control of that movement to use it towards an underlying global agenda.  Nazi Germany then had a handy steering wheel of "controlled opposition" moving its masses and misleading the public from there on out, a machine growing like a cancer and becoming more and more unstoppable in its wicked "pied piper" deceptions as time went on, as few understood such mechanisms at that time. 

The power takeover itself was then as easy as taking candy from a baby, as Hitler at first was fun-loving and magnetic, just as Glen Beck perhaps, but had not actually gone so far as to admit to being a rodeo clown.  None the less, the trails here between the two are running eerily side by side.  Hitler and its barely begun new republic movement had seemingly gotten a fresh new start in 1919 to overshadow its own bickering party system structure, where our own innocently begun freedom movement here, is also slowly being taken over by another cute and cuddly hero in our day.

Think about it, did Hitler look like an evil mass-murderer?  Not really, in fact to me, he always looked a lot like Charlie Chaplain, the silent movie slapstick commedian from the early 1900's that won American hearts with his zany, narrow-moustache antics.  But become evil?  Yes, Hitler sure did.

We are following in Germany's very warm footsteps.  But Americans are too wrapped up in their lusts, posessions and entertainment pleasures to see the history that is about to complete itself in near perfect repetition.  There truly exists a strong pull to likewise fully infect the intentionally-created near-anarchy of our time, and take the reigns of this movement, utilizing the talents of their "well-rewarded Hitler-like entertainers" who are charismatic and full of promise in OUR generation.

Furthermore (and a large reason for my writing here today) is the recent hooplah over the 501c3 churches' one-time national plan to "revolt".  This to me is a sad joke.  If they were to REALLY revolt, and REALLY stand for their true Creator, they'd come out of the 501c3 system altogether and THEN send their recorded actions to the powers to be.  That'd be REAL faith!  The mere one-day pulpit preaching against oppression while staying dutifully in their cages is not a whole lot different than a prostitute grumbling about how much she is getting paid.  Those of us who stood outside the 501c3 system from our first knowledge of it, are we who truly respect our Father in heaven and wouldn't DARE defile our assemblies by letting the I.R.S. replace our Messiah as a sovereign over us!

There's an article I recently wrote called "Is Mainstream Media Becoming One With CHURCH Media?"   In it I show point by point how the churches are merely echoing everything they are supposed to be echoing from the pulpits to get all of you to FEEL like they are doing their jobs (in preaching against overlord immorality, etc).   These "co-operating" preachers are only a more localized form of the parent mainstream talking points.  most of them are simply your local town's very own "Glenn Becks", dramatic and entertaining you betcha, but unable to respond to any of the serious issues with any real approachable honesty.  They're all very good at putting you off on these issues each time you ask them.  Try it.  The real "Pulpit Becks" will never answer your questions or watch your videos (in any genuine sense anyway).

Over the years I had met with many Pastors and lay-leaders about many of these things, begging them to take their heads out of the sand and stand in true faith with me.  I then developed my term "ostrich-sized" in how I was then always chased out of their presense so they could bury their heads even deeper into their accumulating piles of sand with their "faithful"(?).   Having seen so many of these "leaders of the faith" act this way, one can only then ask himself, "Why?".  The question on my mind with each of these Pastors then invariably becomes this simple:  "Are they afraid? --or are they paid?" 

Are they paid accomplices under this 501c3 "protection racket"?  -Are they that afraid?  -Or a little of both?  No matter how you look at it, they sure don't seem saved, otherwise they'd have the faith to stop hiding behind their earthly gods and goddesses. "You shall know them by their fruits",  right?

I would that I didn't have to write this, and I wish that I could go back to just the mild-mannered sermons that the more timid preachers are delivering in their nice, cushy buildings,  but then again no, as many of them are just as sinful as Glenn Beck when they ignore (in any way shape and form that they can) the truth about what happened on 9/11, things like chemtrails, fluoride, and the corexit that is poisoning us, and many other things that "churchianity" is "afraid of talking about".   Remember: the fearful shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone (see Revelation 21:8) and if the PASTORS are afraid, how are THEY going to teach YOU about courage, faith and...  SALVATION?

So, what did Hitler really look like in his rise to power?  Did he LOOK like a Hitler?  Of course not, we didn't connect the attrocities of such evils with him til well AFTER the murderous rampage was committed and discovered.  And THEN he began to look evil,  right?    Therefore, the mild-mannered yet passionate Hitler, might have even been able to "cry at will" whenever needed, to appear tender and loving, to gain the trust of his followers--just like the 501c3 church leaders now, who so passionately are going to cry from their permitted government platforms this week to their "gods" begging for more mercy, to appease their duped congregations.

When a real whore repents, she quits whoring.  Did not our Savior tell the adulterous woman, "Go and sin no more"?

"Come out from among them and be ye separate", my friends.  And if you can't find a pure church near you, start a church or bible study of your own in your home.  The Father will bless you for it.

Dwaine Moore


"In light of those churches who refuse to preach the authority of YHWH's law:  You can't fight evil by encouraging immoral people to stay that way."   -dwaine 6-18-06

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