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Google is forcing policy changes on its users that we can't, in good conscience, go along with.  And just as we abandoned our youtube account a while back, we are left with no other choice but to leave Google's web hosting as well. We update just the basics on this site until then.

Below is just a glimpse, from Google's own words (in red) in their new policy terms, as to why we are being forced to move to an email/audio release platform for now:

Do not distribute content that deceives, misleads, or confuses users. This includes:

Misleading content related to civic and democratic processes: content that is demonstrably false and could significantly undermine participation or trust in civic or democratic processes. This includes information about public voting procedures, political candidate eligibility based on age / birthplace, election results, or census participation that contradicts official government records. It also includes incorrect claims that a political figure or government official has died, been involved in an accident, or is suffering from a sudden serious illness.

Misleading content related to harmful conspiracy theories: content that promotes or lends credibility to beliefs that individuals or groups are systematically committing acts that cause widespread harm. This content is contradicted by substantial evidence and has resulted in or incites violence.

Misleading content related to harmful health practices: misleading health or medical content that promotes or encourages others to engage in practices that may lead to serious physical or emotional harm to individuals, or serious public health harm.

Manipulated media: media that has been technically manipulated or doctored in a way that misleads users and may pose a serious risk of egregious harm.

The above couldn't have been worded any more plainly to show their real truth-hating colors.   ... and I didn't even show you their new "hate speech" category that is even more hostile to YHWH's biblical morality, so...

To all my wonderful brethren and friends, who are so faithfully following YHWH, our loving God of the Bible with us, we are not defeated, as the stone cut out without hands is just about to crush this beast at it's feet and we will see a wonderful turning of the tables here very soon!

Blessings to all who love and trust Him,

 For when truth prevails, love is the reward,

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No commiserating over the problems here. We're all about solutions.  Biblical solutions. And we're talking biblical solutions that bring a government built on love!  

Sound good?  

Stick around and learn how we are standing with a loving God to make this a reality!

And how about a wonderful new set of discoveries in one book to help usher that government of love into place with an equally offered message of hope for everyone who loves and obeys Him, living that love...  by faith?
Now finally available in paperback is our new release that combines countless biblical evidences along with many newly found connect-the-dots secret society discoveries that reveal a deception in an area that I have not yet seen noticed or written about by anyone else. 
This book's many interconnecting facts show that the idea of the wicked ruling class to divide a gullible peasantry by using something called "race" is relatively new and had not existed prior to the 1400s.  
A book we simply titled, "My God is Not a Racist God" is a short 140 pages but packed with tons of Bible verses and interesting historical accounts that agree with biblical truths about our loving God, thus confirming that racism is totally man made and needs to be exposed for the deception that it really is, just like all the other lies we're learning about in these times.  A free digital PDF download is also available as well on this page.  I thank all of you for your many kind encouragements and support on this one already, and so in our finding this book to be so unanimously well received after only a handfull of initial reviews, please let us know in advance if you'd like to be one of the first to get hard copies so we better know how many to keep printed.  Blessings to all who love Him and ...one another! 

But to save many of you a lot of trouble in searching for things on our website that might cause red flags for you, I'd like to reassure the visitors that you wont see any wasted time on space aliens, flat earth silliness, shape-shifting reptilians, planet Nibiru absurdities and other mind control distractions.  You can therefore rest knowing that this site is emphatically dedicated to showing a badly deceived world the long hidden reality of man's need to reconcile his ways with YHWH, the most high God/Elohiym, as we struggle in a war for our minds and souls.  Its a war encited by a world who love their sin desperately enough to endlessly distract us from the true reality of YHWH's creation.

So yes my friends, a truly ferocious war motivated by only two classes of spirit, being either a righteous spirit or a wicked spirit, is behind everything that is increasingly polarizing souls all around us, as more and more people are waking up and thinking harder, trying to choose sides. 

This especially now that we all see man's many constitutions being ignored (which is actually a good thing, so don't be too alarmed), where only those of us who truly love our heavenly Father can see the silver lining of great hope that our redemption draweth nigh in these dark clouds:

The same video as above on Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/8b19ef17-70cc-4bab-8deb-1b8a61fe24b9

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Please also know that while our readers and listenership is ever growing, and largely with many who have little left to lose anymore (foretold as "the poor and afflicted ... shall trust in the name of YHWH", see Zephaniah 3:12), and so we joyfully work on a shoestring of help in many categories, and to a point where we are down to the bare minimum in keeping just the email audios coming for you, and this website itself may be gone soon due to the inability to foresee a way to restructure this site if and when google changes the website format on us, as we haven't the home p.c. connections to even do the basic functions of managing the site lately, let alone completely rebuild it (using a poor man's cell phone).  And mind you my friends, we're absolutely not begging nor complaining, as YHWH will provide just enough for what He knows we need.  We're just letting you know that things may be less glamorous here than the many compromised churchianity sites, and it's NOT because we have given up or no longer love you, but letting you know in advance that it has become a real challenge to share new helps for you in fancy platforms, as these things are outside our humble resources to do much about.  I am truly sorry for those of you who may have been trusting in these helps at this site, but I suppose it's all the more reason to better trust in Him with what we all have left.  -dwaine (7-17-21)

 And here's some recent videos showing how the riots fit in, needing a biblical voice of solution now as well:

And what a horrific world this must be for those who have not yet given their full trust to the One that can save them from these growing torments in our world. 

The Bible gave us fair warning:
"Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Rev. 18:4)
And whether man-made or not, or whether man-released on the world or not, or even a genuine plague or not, as of Pagan  3-14-2020 (in roughly the 4th week of this corona virus "panic") the world is suddenly finding themselves wondering much more seriously about this above Bible verse, where many of them are now more willing to listen, realizing that they are still tied to the beast (either church ties OR state ties, as there is no such thing as "separation of church and state")! 

I myself personally believe (and again, this is just my own personal take on things) where on this present virus issue, I would easily suspect that the elite know full well that the world is fast waking up to their crimes against us, and so they (in their desperate YHWH-denying minds) thinking that this race to the finish line might be a closer one than they had planned for, may feel that they had better test the waters to see how well they can control us with their vast media network of fear mongering.  Many that I have spoken to are also confidently agreeing with me that this is likely fabricated by the elite to test their mind control strengths over the peasantry  which is appearing that way to me by all the yes, fear mongering.  If we all panic like they want us to do, they'll know they can control us through all their media "carrots on a stick".  If, on the other hand, we all continue to calmly and faithfully show that we are moving back to a full trust in our KING of kings as the TRUE authority in our lives, then the fear may wonderfully shift, being at THEIR end making THEM tremble, make sense?  They also surely know that we saw through their CIA-created Al-quida (evidence in our videos), and then their similarly exposed ISIS, so they needed a new hidden bogey monster to put us back in fear to tighten the freedoms on us, where again, real or not, this "crisis" (Rahm Emanuel call your office) is surely geared to panic those who still trust the media talking heads. And yet that opinion is just my own observation from many years of watching things unfold, as also seen through my added knowledge of "case law consistent" prophecy in knowing YHWH's character (and not from any outright or claimed biblical prophecy of any kind, btw, just my educated and tentatively assembled "theory" for all of you who have been asking my opinion lately).

For much more detail on this, join Ted Weiland and myself as we discussed this issue in this earlier video...

CORONAVIRUS: What Does The Bible Say?

Highlighting our guest and friend Ted Weiland:

But even so, and be it a "close" battle or not......
Is our own time's "ark door" shutting on us even as we speak?      ...is it too late to come out from among them and be separate and hope to be spared these increasing punishments?

My heart and prayers go out to all of you who are yet struggling with this, but may yet be too fearful to stand in the full help of a true King of kings that is patiently and lovingly there just waiting for us to admit that we, as impenitent mankind, can't stop this madness on our own.

Trying to wrap one's mind around all of the ways that the satanic elite are using everything in their power to control, abuse and depopulate us on this earth is hard to face the reality of.  Its hard to fathom how so many people in these positions of power can be so heartless, even though increasing numbers of their own awakening people are jumping ship and leaving their satanic "bosses".

YHWH allowing mankind to exterminate himself:

Nonetheless, millions are still yet voluntarily and/or fearfully joined unto those that make up the dark side of this spiritual war, being even those among the tormented "peasant class", and this, even as we see the clear evidences of hi-tech military level weapons being used on us, not to mention the evidences already surfacing of an even scarier power in the 5G weapons (yes, weapons) that are now being put in place all around us. 

This increasing judgment of Father allowing this to happen to us has proven to be enough to cause even the strongest of the lukewarm to faint and deny what they even know to be happening to us (...it shall be a terror even just to understand (try to grasp) the report (news) of this judgment that is happening to us)  [ref. Isaiah 28:17-19].  In other words, the undisciplined mind will desperately want to deny such massive terrors, and will do as foretold and "Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us and to the hills, cover us." (Luke 23:30; where "mountains" are nations and "hills" are smaller government authorities, like state, county seats or city powers.)  People are doing just that, and surrendering more and more of their permissions to these man made government systems to protect them (and knowing either consciously or subconsciously) "from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb". (Rev. 6:16)

But does it all have to be "doom and gloom" for us, as they say?  Absolutely not!!!  It could end in a most wonderful peace and joy for each and every one of us, but millions of church/state-trusting Christians are being led to their own self-chosen doom, voluntarily lumping themselves in with their evil overlords and doing so ALL ON THEIR OWN, having ignorantly signed themselves in to this anti-Christ [church/state] "beast" kingdom, right along with the many heathen who are also being betrayed by their own trusted luciferian gods (leaders).

This final judgment upon all of mankind was clearly forewarned for us thousands of years ago, where Father, having repented of wiping out all of mankind in Noah's time, is stepping fully out of the lives of those individuals and nations that wont accept Him, allowing us to do it to ourselves this time, as this last openly seen evidence of fast escalating mass terror is Father's way of "by fire and by sword will YHWH plead with all flesh" (see Isaiah 66:16), where sadly, not enough willing souls are yet fully choosing His ways over an otherwise addicted dependance that they have on the Caesar gods and its beast church/state system.

So yes, terrifying for many who are yet lukewarm and yet tied to this beast, but it can be a most peaceful hope for those who have "switched sides", where this can end much more comfortably for every soul out there who yet has the mind to think outside their church/state conditioning and reconsider which authorities (gods) they are really bowing down to, and who's law system they are willing to defend by their witness, citizenships and loyalty.
But Father is making His final plea to mankind, unchanged, as He made that final plea as the ending page of the Old Testament:

"1 For behold, the day cometh that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble (the unwanted part of a plant after a harvest): and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith YHWH of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.
2 But unto you that fear my name (authority) shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall (be well taken care of).
3 And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I do this, saith YHWH of hosts.
4 Remembet ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto Him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.
5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of YHWH.
6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers (by way of YHWH's law, it should be understood), lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." 
(Malachi 4:1-6)

And because this idolatrous and apostate situation truly leaves very "few there be that find it" in such times, it then follows that countless numbers of the more serious believers that I know around the world are almost always as "lone voices crying in the wilderness" in their familes, with neither parents nor their children's heart wanting to "turn" and consider the rescue of a Holy God, and so thus we wonder how much harder this wrath must come down on mankind before man swallows his pride and admits that his or her ties to such an evil beast can never end in anything good for them or anybody else.

Is it too late to turn back to a trust in the Father and His laws of love and thereby possibly avoid this growing curse?  Absolutely not !
But as we just read, many will be too prideful to admit that they're bowing down to the wrong gods (authorities in their lives)!  So it seems that even if just the curse of fire or plague (in multiple forms) is being unleashed on man like never before until enough of us do wake up, I'm afraid that even the righteous of us will have to continue to suffer right along with these people as even the elect, as Noah, Lot, and many before us, must see the punishment for sin.  And knowing that few had ever taken the time to study the origins of futurism's (Catholic-invented) "secret snatch away rapture", that there is no such thing as a quiet snatch away rapture, then it may be a good while yet as we watch many yet drag their feet, continuing to still selfishly feather their nests, expecting others to do the responsible things of reform and repentance, hoping that others of us will bring Father's mercies back to our land FOR them, while they expect to be whisked away before it gets too rough for them.  Sadly, they are in for a terrible surprise.


We've already seen what the DEW's are doing to us, and now scientists are saying that the 5G (in the high power deliveries their cell tower microwave system is capable of) is actually able to cook our eyes as if eggs in our heads within seconds.
"And this shall be the plague wherewith YHWH shall smite all people that have fought against Jerusalem (Jerusalem being the capitol city that deligates/enforces His law); their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes... " (Zechariah 14:12)
"They won't need to resort to nuclear weapons to do this, as the futurists have speculated for years, because if the lasers don't get them, the 5G will", some say, where those who remain in allegience with the satanic beast system will be treated as if traitors and fair game combatants from the other side:
"Every one that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword." (Isaiah 13:15)

Don't let the talking heads convince you to stay with them.  Don't stand with the heathen that are clearly fearing the beast, but stand with the One that gave you the mind to choose His laws of love over satan's bottom feeding agents of torment and death!  Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my ministry, we shall serve YHWH!  Because...
"... he that putteth his trust in me shall posess the land, and shall inherit my holy mountain."   -Isaiah 57:13

Our "Welcome" video for our friends


We extend a warm welcome to all of our new friends that so wonderfully keep growing with us in these deeper exciting truths that are thankfully again being revealed in our time by YHWH, the God of the Bible!   This site's effort is for the complete glory of Him, His power, and His Purity!

A special thank you to our more trustworthy friends from all over the planet who are now more clearly seeing the truth of "Who's in charge" in our world, and hopefully  this time  ... forever !   

Shout it from the housetops that Yeshua truly is a LITERAL King of kings!

Many are "seeing the light of God's authority" again !   I think the wiser states are waking up to who really writes the rules America!  And with all these new friends letting us know that they are trusting in Him and Him alone for their governance, I cant help but feel that we may be on the cusp of inheriting the kingdoms of the earth and getting a safe and secure biblical nation...   once and for all!.  So again:

"... he that putteth his trust in me shall possess the land, and shall inherit my Holy Mountain!"   -Isaiah 57:13
  (and remember: "mountain" means a kingdom or government!)

And can we strengthen that faith by considering "faith" from a vantage point we may have never thought of before? Take ten minutes and ponder this amazing way of seeing our trust's importance in YHWH's eyes:

Considering our trust in Him...

And something we guarantee you have never seen ANYWHERE !:

"Christianity" is not a social club. It's a serious, disciplined respect in one's soul for the Creator and His law of love for others.

"When a nation will not get on its knees for YHWH, it will soon be on its knees to tyranny."   - dwaine

...where FINALLY!...
The "KING of kings broadcasts" (in video form, with text inserts when helpful) are being uploaded.
Show #1, the Introduction, is here:

KING of kings broadcast #1 "Introduction"

Following shows are being posted on KING of kings broadcasts page listed under library section at left.

Here's our youtube channel, called "Solemnassemblies" for our older archived videos (in case you were one of those who had been having trouble getting to it):




"YHWH or the Beast" dvd 
Showcasing a feature presentation, "Robots for the Beast"(link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biewuOp0G9E&t=1542s )
Full length 2 hour DVD available, with the theme based on the following youtube clip:

More listed as they are completed.

We are being taken captive as slaves, and yet most are too busy buying, selling, building, planting, marrying and giving in marriage, and therefore don't even know that they are in any serious danger...
But here's what the elite don't want you to know:

The Peaceful solution
to our governance issue!
(Because "When truth prevails, love is the reward."  -dwaine)

While hundreds of thousands of government-trained/approved/blessed Pastors, churches and websites will show you man's ways of getting back to God, we'll show you YHWH's ways of getting back to Him as the true God.  (Big difference!)  

We don't have a big physical brick and mortar church, but a humble circle of brethren who preach a serious message of reform, hoping to awaken any preachers who are not outright jesuit "preachers in disguise" and who still may have a chance to save themselves from what the Bible says is about to come.  

So rest assured, we're not trying to get any of you folks to join a church.  We actually prefer that you first do your best to learn what you can here, then try to correct your Pastor and church to the things that are now being discovered to be true in our time.  We're providing this breaking information to help you save the souls you love in your area via the Bible's amazing peaceful solutions to our dilemma, and if enough of you can reform your churches, we can thereby perhaps even save this nation.  If of course however, you find that you have exhausted all of your attempts and find that you can't spark any of your people to see the truth we are seeing today, and you feel like you are out in the cold with Yeshua ("Behold I stand at the door and knock") well then by all means, we're here as a 'long distance congregation' if you want to be our friends in embracing this exciting truth.   How's that sound?

Are things getting "scary"?

With each new day that passes, it seems that the world we live in is getting harder and harder to face. Many are also awakening to the fact that the Father is getting really angry at those who won't obey Him in His instruction on how to get along with one another (His Commandments, laws, statutes, and judgments), where this "day" that is beginning to emerge is going to be the most terrifying wrath He has ever delivered upon mankind, so
please don't kid yourself that anyone will be "raptured away" from this coming punishment, as its going to be a very dark time for all of us, but especially dark for those who are yet thumbing their noses at YHWH's rule over their lives and who have turned the grace of our Savior into licentiousness (a license to sin), themselves being yet in rebellion to YHWH's clear and timeless biblical instruction.  It's important to be fully redeemed my friends!

Its also pretty clear that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with YHWH's wrath so far. The time of indecision, imaginary neutral zones, and lukewarm-ness is drawing to a close here my friends. The Father is enraged with those who won't repent of their sins (breaking of His laws; see 1st John 3:4) and who are thereby still partaking in the sins and gratuities (bribes) of a totally corrupt and unclean world.

But remember...  He's not out to hurt those who love Him and return to Him in obedience, in fact all Scripture is easily pointing to the fact that He's going to protect those in our time who have had enough of this evil world and who hate the way it has become so undisciplined, materialistic, and selfish, and who have therefore been "coming out from among them" of the world, where such wiser folks are instead often firmly standing afar off from the rebellious, being as lone voices crying in the wilderness, boldly proclaiming His true name and preaching His true kingdom [government] of righteousness in these last days.  So no, the faithful have little to fear, as the lightning bolts won't be striking anywhere near where they are standing.   On the contrary, Father is focused on punishing those who have been encouraging/praising man's ways of instruction instead of His ways (idolatry).  So His wrath is going to start with His "cheating" spouse, being the many unfaithful in their plush churches who found it less risky, more "comfy", or maybe even just "more convenient" to compromise with the world and its opposing system of rules, where He's going to punish them worse than ever before for not peaceably standing with the more serious of us who've instead been humbly shining the light of truth on this beast church/state machinery.  And when He has made an end of punishing the lukewarm and the hypocrites, he's then going to punish all those, great or small, who stood in all the various positions that made up and/or profited from this evil beast system itself, which is modern-day Babylon!

So it will be all of "beast following" mankind who "would not that He should reign over them" (ref. Luke 19:27) who have no hope now, and who then understandably yes, have a lot more to fear than we do regarding what is coming, as they have basically deceived themselves into their own rebellious condition, painting themselves into such a serious moral and spiritual corner that they themselves are too afraid to turn back now, their sins of pride and covetousness also keeping them from getting out of the satanic snare they are now trapped in: 

"The sinners [breakers of YHWH's law] in Zion [meaning those who call themselves believers or "Christians"] are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with everlasting fire [YHWH's eternal judgment]?" 

But the very next line comforts those like you and I who have (as good children) matured and have wisely begun to step away from the beast's many wicked temptations: 

"He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppression, that shaketh his hands from the holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil; He shall dwell on high: his place of defense shall be the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure." (Isaiah 3:14-16)

If we are obeying the Father and trusting in Him (and in Him alone! Meaning even His promised provisions for us), there should not be a single thing for us to fear but our own occasional individual chastening (which we usually need from time to time anyway and is often very mild)

Those who are in Father's Spirit with all blamelessness should have nothing to fear from what is otherwise about to hit the lukewarm and heathen (via man's coming battles for power).  Fear of man is not of those who truly love and trust the Father, but of those (walking dead) who are ashamed of Him and afraid to preach the truth of His kingdom [His authority over man]:

"Yeshua (Jesus) said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom [authority; government] of God." (Luke 9:60)

"Deal Courageously and the LORD shall be with the good." II Chronicles 19:11

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." (1 John 4:18)

"The fearful ... shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone." (Revelation 21:8)

Fear of man is the opposite of faith in YHWH (see article "Faith Conquers Fear").  We who would ourselves be unashamedly "marked" that we have chosen YHWH over satan's world, are being called to "come out from among them" of the world and thereby purify ourselves before we approach Him in this most serious moment of man's need of rescue!

This reform to purity is meant especially for those who claim to be shepherds of our flocks! (See Ez. 9:6, and also of course this one: "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel [good news of Father's ways that brings peace] of God?" 1Peter 4:17 )

Are we ourselves routinely assembling with a preacher who won't even talk about today's more serious issues, especially those issues that would help a remnant decide to get back to YHWH's laws, statutes and judgments?  ...where all in that congregation are still 'signed' (bound forever by choice to this master; see Deu. 15:15-17) being yet voluntarily tied to caesar and his system as their routine caregiver, provider, and lawgiver and thereby idly sitting in the most serious sin of idolatry?  (see article: "Clinging to the mark we've chosen".) Are we not, in just submissively "worshiping with them" and not going in to these assemblies with the intent to speak boldly about the truth as Paul and the Apostles had done (preaching reform and repentance as our great commission calls us to do), are we not thereby disobeying YHWH and instead encouraging such preachers and that church to simply stay that way, ourselves then becoming a willful party to their sin?  One might argue and say that, "that passage in Deuteronomy refers to individual masters".  But remember that we are also commanded to not be "unequally yoked" then as well.  

Ask yourself some of these questions: Is Caesar "equally" worshiping the same god as we are?  How about those who might then be considered Caesar worshipers?  If they are singing the praises of America's Constitution without shame, as if it were their hope to get them out of this mess (their savior), are they not bowing down to Caesar and his laws, statutes and judgments, rather than the Fathers?  and/or...  Are they unashamed card-carrying "members" of Caesar's system, having sold their biblical birth-rights for helpings of satan's many "beast" varieties of pottage?  Moreover, perhaps Acts 7:38-44 can shed some light here as well in how some of them might rejoice in the work (legislations) of their own hands.  On any count, they are all sharing in the system that is in opposition to the Fathers, keeping His wonderful kingdom from flourishing, and thereby denying to themselves that they are in transgression against the Father's wishes in any way, going back week after week to gather with those of the world, as a whoremonger returns to his mistress.  If we are more desperate for physical fellowship in a compromising church, than yearning for the purity of the spiritual fellowship of those few who are standing in the true wholesomeness of YHWH, are we at enmity with YHWH as is explained very clearly in Romans 8:4-17?  Please think hard as you read this my dear ones, as seeking friendship with the multitudes in a compromising world is not a good idea right now:

"know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God?  Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God (YHWH)" (James 4:4)

Any preacher's denial of being unequally yoked is often due to willful ignorance.  Admitting that he needs to reform his church is the very thing that the fearful preacher is hoping to avoid, as he too, is afraid to lose all of his "friends" of the world and the securities they bring to it.  He then seeks to appease (tickle the ears of) all he can find that will compromise in the few things that he is compromising in as well, making "round-the barn" excuses that make little sense in trying to cover his dereliction of duty in not being willing to speak imperatively of these deeper issues, serious issues that, if thought through properly, would clearly reveal who should be governing such a preacher and his flock and why, where once reformed and followed, brings joy to the whole congregation.  But most congregations are just as guilty as these weakened preachers, as they have searched out these "close enough" preachers that seem to be telling enough of the truth without going to the areas that they fear they may have to deal with, thus they have yes, "heaped to themselves" teachers having itching ears, wanting to hear the same "smooth things"(see Isaiah 30:10; "preach to us smooth things") that the weaker preachers want to preach anyway.  

But discussing the serious issues of the day is what helps us to understand and thereby recognize the fruits of the evil "masters" that we need to know the truth about--masters that sadly, many of our preachers have had their ears nailed to the doors of, and therefore have gathered around them a flock that is also fearfully and willfully following this evil beast along with them, like moths to the flame, everyone following the multitudes, seeking safety in numbers; comfort in numbers.  

"Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil." (Exodus 23:2) 

"Enter ye in at the straight gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:" (Matthew 7:13)

If millions are compromising with man's laws in a giant multi-denominational Caesar-blessed church system, and Father's wrath is still coming, and not just coming, but coming with more and more ferocity as each day arrives, despite millions upon millions who, according to their own multitudinous consensus where they say that they all agree that they feel they are safe in their compromises...   does that not tell you that perhaps something is still wrong?  Is truth the product of consensus?  Did the people of Noah's time have a similar majority consensus that they too were safe from a coming wrath as well?  Is it possible that they were a little too overconfident in their time as well?  

Can there really be that many people who are walking in the same levels of closeness as Noah had walked?  Why would the Father be angrier than ever before with a world where there are still thousands upon thousands (if not millions) that were still following Him correctly?  That wouldn't makes sense, nor is it like the Father to not patiently wait till the last few are the only ones left.  Did not the Father lovingly wait till His true remnant was down to just Noah and his family before giving up on the world the last time?  And even in the localized wrath of Lot's time, was it not Abraham who, in begging the Father not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, had wisely decided to stop pleading with the Father when he got down to "ten righteous souls"?  Can we not see that in this day we are in now (being the great day of YHWH), that there would be a similar patience of the Father with man, waiting till a very small number of true believers was left?

My dear friends, look not to be warmed by the fires of the luke-warm that can leave you too far out in the cold, but seek the Father's warmest love, graces and comfort instead, and just "Come out from among them and be separatefrom that world

This message from Father's Scriptures for us today of separation from the compromised of the world is a most serious warning my friends, but specifically in our time it is a last loving warning, where we should hope that we might be found worthy to receive His ultimate love and comfort in these times ahead.  Revelation 18:4 is a loud message, a very loud message, and loud for our generation especially, as it is sent as one last plea before His anger must put forth the final decree of Revelation 22:11 where the wrath then comes down hard and fast on those who followed the crowd and its comforts, rather than stand with the pure of heart, where we shall see "men's hearts failing them for fear" (Luke 21:26) among those who had felt that YHWH was not very serious about us being undefiled ambassadors of His system of law, order, and provision and that system only! 

Perhaps its time to revisit this one from some years ago.  Its got a 'groovy' clip from the sixties  (and only four minutes long): "You can't erase God with an edict" 

There is still time to get on the Father's side of safety with those who will be "hid in the day of YHWH's anger" my friends (ref. Zephaniah 2:3)

"Fear ye not their fear"!

"But fear not thou, O my servant Jacob, and be not dismayed, O Israel: for behold, I will save thee from afar off, and thy seed from the land of their captivity; and Jacob shall return, and be in rest and at ease, and none shall make him afraid." (Jeremiah 46:27)

"Be not afraid of the king of Babylon, of whom ye are afraid; be not afraid of him, saith YHWH: for I am with you to save you, and to deliver you from his hand." (Jer. 42:11)

Don't let anyone scare you and rob you of your eternal reward.  No matter how gloomy things might look at any given moment, there's nothing that the evil side can do to you that YHWH Himself will not let happen to you, that is, so long as you are walking in His will for your life with a clean conscience!

The Father is not only about to send the greatest wrath upon man that man has ever seen, but He is also readying to protect those who are blamelessly His, covering His most beloved ones so that we won't be punished along with those He is genuinely angry with!

But now think on this one if you want Father's greatest comfort:

As a young teenager, and when nuclear war was a huge hyped-up fear, I had a wise old preacher tell me something like this, "Son, the Father truly does comfort those that genuinely love Him. If you haven't given Him your all and aren't truly helping Him to spread that same comforting gospel of hope to others, and are still afraid, it'll be your own fault, not His. We should all be working together, gathering and comforting one another, to heed His instruction for our world, offering to everyone we meet, the hope that lies within us of God's perfect plan for mankind.  If as we learn, we aren't doing all that we can in helping to share the beauty of what we know about God's system that brings comfort and hope with others, then why should He share any more of that same wisdom and comforting hope of His with us?" ---that simple lesson made me think pretty hard where it then made increasing sense to me, and even more so today, especially now that the wicked world has gotten so much worse, giving me a much greater appreciation about what salvation really means as well, how we get the "Great Comforter", etc, where it also means the salvation or 'rescue' we yearn for from an evil world system--a system that has taught us (and also through various forms of intimidation and fear by the way) to very thoroughly ignore the Father's system of law, order, and provision.  

Which is perhaps what we seem to have been put here to get a good taste of ourselves, to learn to deal with our innermost fears first hand (and...  on our own), where we'd then yes, get a strong understanding of the real need for His "salvation", itself being a true rescue from all who hate YHWH's grace-offered plan of world peace.  

This life we are in is purposed to then rightfully test what we love, our faith, courage, etc, in then realizing how important it is to fulfill our great commission duties to contribute towards advancing Father's kingdom and His system of law and order.  We're not to just "roll with the flow" of the worsening heathen law systems due to fear.  True believers are called to preach the whole Gospel, including Father's authority and rule over us, where our love for others should over-ride our fears to then properly stand for what is right.  Does that not make sense?  Fear is not just the opposite of faith, but it is also the opposite of love!

Well, for those of you who had not been able to attend our live Bible studies (that had been somewhat touching on this topic), perhaps this writing will help you to some degree.

One might also find the Book of Zephaniah to be very comforting as a base from which we might better see the image of what is coming for those of us who "trust in the name of YHWH", as its a very short three chapters that should easily help show the prophecy picture that the beast churches aren't teaching, a picture that points to a very comfortable transition for the truly faithful, while the lost and lukewarm are going to suffer tremendously (and most especially in having no comforts for their fear).  But if you'd like to hear more of what the mainstream (globally-controlled churches) won't tell you regarding prophecy, the short book "Last Call" (this page), should give a good bit of hope for beginners who already love all of the Father and Son as well!   Be of good courage my dear friends!

The Peaceful solution
via the embracing of YHWH's truth and bringing His mercies upon us once more!

(Oh and...    
as these times get scarier and scarier, our peaceful biblical message is getting more and more popular too by the way, so welcome to our growing remnant of those who have found that Father's ways are built on love and peace, even despite all the naysayers !!)

            OUR  LATEST AUDIOS  !       

Note: most audios are down, sorry.  We are working on translating many into (truth friendly platform hosted) net videos and DVDs.  Thanks for your patience.

We have a special series that we put together for the subject of "A Government Built on Love", a product come of years in our deeper Bible study classes. This is going to be a very important topic in upcoming months and years, so please pass the links around to all who yes, suddenly see that we really do need a "Government Built on Love". Thank You my brethren!

The next series is somewhat of a follow up of the above series:

Announcing A Special Series on how Father's law teaches

 us to love others, now on youtube and DVD!

"The Sky Is Blue"

 We're here to govern ourselves in His disciplines of love and peace. It's our test folks!

The following is a very unique message that had been collecting dust in the "editing waiting room" for months and due to recent verifications, etc, has finally been brought out and given the finishing touches that Preacher had always wanted for this audio. This one touches some emotions that can be either welcome or troublesome (depending on your level of faith), but are important for the growing believer to hear:

"Into his ark, into his arms"

  youtube version (40.5 minutes):

latest videos:

pondering signatures and baptisms:

"Be Not Ye Servants of Men"

YouTube Video

New Wimpy Preacher audio message:

36.7 minutes   

       youtube video version:

An interesting new music video:

Its that time that the Bible always warned us about...  
its time to divvy-up the souls!

YHWH is looking for the souls who respect and trust in Him and His Kingdom, while satan is drooling for the souls that respect and trust in his beast kingdom.  Which side are YOU on?  Remember, the lukewarm (those who can't make a solid commitment of purity in being faithful to just the God they say they worship) will get satan's side by deafult.   Is anyboody ready to get a little more serious than they were before?  We're here to help with that.  Keep reading my friends!

Consider this:

    One's fear of seeking and standing with God and His truth is one's first guarantee that such souls will not make it through what is about to come.

    Even throughout secular history, only loyal and "faithful" subjects (those who, by an outward show of unblemished allegience, trust that their king can protect them) are granted "safe passage" by honorable kings (should they journey through hostile "kingdoms"such as this evil world), and our King, is the KING of kings, and especially when it comes to being honorable!  So why are so many professing Christians so complacent and fearful in these times?  Is it because they are not truly loyal and faithful to the King that actually created them, but are instead being faithful to the king that has increasing chains around them, keeping them frozen in the fear of what might happen to them should they stand with the truth?  Has their oppressor therefore, become their real god?

Are not those who fearfully stand on the other side of the line in the sand, then considered to be traitors to their neighbors by both secular and pious alike?  Why then do these people allow themselves to be self-decieved that they can stay in some imaginary neutral zone and somehow avoid choosing sides in this Spiritual battle ?   ...a battle that more and more are starting to understand is a literal war between the God of the Bible and satan.  Yet on the other hand as the world is polarizing, untold millions of Christians and heathen alike are convincing themselves that its okay to be lukewarm.  Please help us wake those folks up before its too late for them.

"I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.  So then, because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth."  (Revelation 3:15,16)

Which jurisdiction or "side of the fence" will you be found standing in? Which "king" will really rescue you when all is said and done, if you don't have the trust in the One that has called us to stand boldly for His truth?

               Try this page:  "The Fearful ... Shall Have Their Part..."


    This amazingly exciting work is called, "A Biblical Constitution", and the video version is right here! (link: https://youtu.be/sUF64s-tJ8k)
    For the book version, here's a handy link for Ted's page for that: "A Biblical Constitution"
    Share these with EVERYBODY!

  • from the satire department: "By Social Security Are Ye Saved"
  • Helpful power passages on YHWH's Law (this one was on our old website years ago but was somehow missed in the remodeling, where a friend brought it back to our attention here lately): "What do we lose When We are Disobedient to God's Law?"                                                                                                                 
  • Truth Haters and Satanists

    New video:
       "Truth Haters and Satanists":
         How do you tell them apart?

  • A  "first-of-its kind" Bible Study teaching on video: "The New American Puritan Bible Study Series"  a unique leadership-level video series to address the Bible's clues as to the way we, as believers, should be better readying ourselves and our flocks for the coming days of decision upon mankind.  Those who are truly serious about growing in a disciplined seriousness of the Father's Law, instruction, and becoming separate from the systems of the world  will appreciate this level of study.                                                                                                                

Repentance...     the ONLY answer
Diagram is from the "Old Fashioned Solutions" page)

Biblical history proves: The less we repent...   the harder we'll be punished.
A heart-tugging article/flyer available: "What is repentance?"

from our "waking the world" section:
Is the Roman Catholic Church really able to say that they hold the title to all the land in America?
If people continue to think that the Constitution and other man-made 'solutions' are going to save them, we will never see a return of the Father's mercies upon this land for us or our children, as we now know that the U.S. Constitution was only written to be disposable in our time, and therefore only a key part of the global beast deception, designed to keep us thinking that we were free and under the protections of our Creator til the time would come that they had regained control of us through similar behind-the-scenes secerecy as they had in the dark ages.  Fortunately, and thanks to YHWH's having revealed the truth to us in recent times, we now know the truth, where...
In harmony with our popular beginner's booklet "Bullies for satan", you can now share with your friends the most up-to-date picture of what's unfolding behind this global tyranny (and how it all fits Scripture) summarized for newcomers in just a few short videos. 
   We all need to face it--America needs to repent, and these new emerging discoveries that we've been showing prove hands down that there is no other way out now!   (and that means all of us, as we all have room for improvement in this day and age, don't we?)
There's not one single thing mankind can do to stop this exponentially-escalating "Illuminati witchcraft" (and that's what it is) that is now just about smothering the world.  And all of you that know me can verify that I have certainly been studied and recognized enough in all of the political and law circles to not be seen as some novice that's just saying these things, but can back up what I say here as well, where this call to repentance of mine is not just my speaking out of the side of my mouth just because I am a preacher--this is fact now.  The sooner we all accept this and seek Father's heart, the sooner we might all begin to rest in His various mercies, even if that just means in our own individual receiving of "the peace that passeth all understanding" just for starters, Amen?!  But do we not also want those that we love to be spared along with us as well from the judgment that is beginning to come down on Babylon and those that still trust in this church/state beast system as billions yet outright ignore Revelation 18:4's warning?  
Feel free therefore, to send all or whatever parts of the following summary that you think appropriate, to any of those you love who might listen. We have no copyrights on anything we do, as it is all For YHWH's glory not ours, so get this stuff out there as much as you want my beloved before its too late for our loved ones who are still on the fence about who they really trust their lives to...

WHY wont those in seats of power respect our documents?  Because sadly  once any new officials get into any offices (and even those who are truly well intended), they are quickly but secretly "made aware" of much more than our Constitution-trusting minds previously understood regarding the power that is really calling the shots.  On the surface they WANT you to think that the Constitution and other man-written law systems can still save us, as it keeps us peasants busy playing a frantic tug-of-war with those red herrings in our courts instead of searching for and discovering the real layers where the criminal "slave" system really operates...  and how to stop it.  The following set of videos below has opened up many eyes in the more serious law-minded circles around the globe, so start with these, then go to the follow-up items below them (our nation's documents can no longer do a thing to save us, and bringing this truth to light was a brilliant move from the Father at this juncture, exposing this to cause urgent reflection in those who (knowingly or not) lived and breathed those documents as reverently as if they were almost the gods of their salvation.  The more faithful of us are not afraid of this truth and want to "follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth" [wherever His truth leads us], even if that means discarding our old paper "security blankets" for YHWH's Word, filled with much better promises anyway, Amen?):
3. "Who Enforces Liberty?(10 minutes)
4. "No king but King Yeshua" (7 minutes)

follow-ups to the above, regarding America's spiritual war in light of this discovery:

Who is in the "head honcho" seat of store-front power calling the shots in their "New World Order" war against us?:
"The Deadly Wound" (explains antichrist; 8 minutes)

Why won't our preachers get involved, answer certain questions, etc?:
"Preachers from Hell" (10 minutes)

What did the Puritans know that we Americans today don't know?:
"Which is Witch?" (7 minutes)

Just for the record, what is morally and biblically wrong with the Constitution?:
"Bible Law vs. the Constitution"  (start off easy with the brief video series or get the meat and potatoes with the now-classic exhaustive audio series)

How can we be sure of all this being true and thereby cope with all this as believers?:
"Living Without Fear" (7 minutes of inspiring reflective thought)

We are also now reminded from others that it might be helpful for newcomers and those who don't attend our Bible studies to read our short end times book from a while back back that's also a free download called 
"Last call" (explains what to better expect around the corner based on the way the reformers [and not today's globalist church] saw prophecy)

There are many other related questions answered at this site as well.  Search the many sub-topics that we've assembled for you here
 but very important to remember as you progress, is that this entire deception could not have even begun lest they removed our discernment to recognize oncoming lies, by destroying America's previous serious respect for the true God of the Bible first, and that's exactly what they did over time.  America's demise began with the Jesuits infecting the weaker Puritans of about the mid 1700's on up, and they are still infiltrating our churches to exponentially greater levels today (see short video 
"Preachers from Hell").  They knew about passages like John 16:13; Acts 5:32 & Psalm 111:10, and went about to undermine that:   "Remove their impenetrable advantage of true discernment (coming from their God as a reward for their obedience and purity) and they then won't be able to see all the other lies you are then 'chaining them up with' from there on out", which is why the secular and "lukewarm" don't see what we more accurately see today, and why the biblically-related videos above are absolutely crucial to understand, and yes even before any man-made issues, as Father's system of Law must be obeyed FIRST if we are to succeed in seeing justice with these sick, bloodthirsty satanists and witches.

So to address the many understandable questions I'm getting wanting to know "why we don't focus or teach on all the various law issues anymore like we had done for so many years?"
...all of those man-created law remedies are fast becoming pretty much useless now.  All such knowledge is practically a moot point knowing what we know now.  Bottom line?  Either bow down with love and embrace the reign of Him who created you...   or perish.
Its an elegant grand finale "checkmate of all checkmates" on Father's part for all that thought to cheat Him and "climbeth up some other way" (ref. John 10:1; think also "Tower of Babel" and man's faith in his own accomplishments in expecting to bypass Father's authority and gain godhood or even just an escape from all the madness via their own man-made ways).
It has finally come down to "good vs. evil" where good vs. evil is not determined by man and his laws, but by YHWH, the One who created all truth and every one of our souls, where each of those souls must now decide who's side they are on.  The lines are being drawn in the sand and the time has finally come where the passage:  "Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess" is becoming the apparent instruction that no man on the planet can avoid facing now, as we are entering into the greatest time of YHWH's judgment that man has ever faced, and there never has been any such thing as a neutral ground to hide in between Father's side and satan's side (as many of us had previously wanted to believe).   "Time" is that neutral zone, and that "time" is now coming to a close.   So then...

We welcome all present and soon-to-be Puritan-thinking believers to the Biblical Correctness Ministries website.  
A command center for serious believers in the intellectual and spiritual war against willful ignorance and impenitence.  

As a result of our own modest but trusting remnant's growing joy, peace, understanding, and excitement that is due to all of the many amazing truths that the Father is revealing to the more serious of us in these prophetically important times, we are continually updating our site to help our rare-remaining but serious brethren who also recognize the need to more closely "follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth".   We are thereby unashamedly glad to share what we are daily learning in keeping up with the rapidly re-emerging evidences for a much-needed reform towards our Creator's truth and authority, in light of the many areas of now-discovered 'elitist' lies that had previously been accumulating for decades and even centuries by a yet gullible, temptable, complacent, wayward church.  

Watching these times progress, we are discovering more and more, that the believers who are the most self-motivated in wanting to reach greater and greater levels of obedience and purity for the Father, in "coming out from among"  the sins of the world and who yearn to "follow the lamb whithersoever He goeth" seem to be getting a much greater peace in abundance through this cutting edge re-emerging wisdom from the Father through the Holy Spirit's guidance!   And this is just as one would expect of an open and truthful God via His own Word that is clear for all to see in places such as Acts 5:32 & John 16:13, Psalm 111:10, etc.   The pure and obedient are being rewarded just as we were told we'd be!  "My reward is with me", He said, as He "comes quickly" and "with the clouds" (bringing His purity of truth).
We have also now come to understand that we are in times not unlike that of the ancient Isaelites coming out of Egypt, in that we are experiencing a somewhat similar exodus from "captivity" and entering the famed time when "knowledge shall be increased", and where "that wicked shall be revealed", but that just like those Israelites long before us, we must follow our Heavenly Father patiently and without fail, "coming out from among them" via a spiritually similar "cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night" doing so by complete faith in His re-defining truths while clearly now once more being tested at our own time's Mount Sinai.  
Are there dark days ahead?  Yes, we certainly think so, but this darkness is for the hypocritical, disobedient church (and then Babylon), and certainly not sent for those who have genuinely placed their "hand to the plough" of purity and have no desire to look back.   These "days of darkness and gloominess" are purposed to be a terror to the fearful (not the faithful).    We therefore are at peace and believe that we are to "lift our heads high" as our "redemption draweth nigh", knowing that the times are coming together in a way that also fulfills Jeremiah 23:20  and, "in the latter days ye shall consider (Strong's: understand; discern) it perfectly".
Just for starters therefore (to make it easier at a glance) we are absolutely non-501(c)(3), respect the full individual and governmental authority of YHWH and Yeshua through the Textus Receptus family of English Bibles, follow the Luni-Solar Sabbath & calendar, the Sacred Names, a reformer's-based 'historicist' eschatology, and we even preach the presently unpopular, deeper understanding that our nation had lost sight of our Father and all serious respect for Him much earlier than previously taught in our churches and schools.   Therefore, "study[ing] to shew ourselves approved" is now an absolutely essential mainstay in our ministry in reasserting ourselves into the much wiser hands of the One who has the Sovereign authority to either "save us" or "sanction us" as individuals, families, ecclesias, and as a nation.
So please browse around, as we trust that you will agree that our information is the most biblical in terms of what we are finding in today's dramatic turn of events.   We are hoping to be seen as a most respectful "called out" assembly of refreshingly trusted perfectionists with what we present on this website, merely publishing what we have joyfully found to be the most accurate of truth, seeking the "perfecting of holiness" in our desire to make absolutely certain that we are following the Lamb withersoever He goeth, even amidst the confusions of the world's smoke and mirrors and their global beast deceptions.   

We are also not deluding ourselves as the world often does in seeking man's "consensus" as to what to believe, and are thereby not expecting large numbers of the lukewarm to just find us and excitedly follow us either (although all are certainly welcome to make such changes for the better and join us in that much closer walk with YHWH's "perfect law of liberty" as we have found).  We are only hoping (in these clearly polarizing end times) to find the last few serious souls who are genuinely seeking Him and who are committed in their heart of hearts to giving their all to their Savior as one yearning to be "made pure" and "refined" for their King of kings, and who are also therefore eager to find the rare others in this world who feel the same way, hoping to be "gathered together" with like-minded brethren of true biblical purity.   This, coming from those of us who are excited that every genuine ambassador of Yeshua is one who delights in representing the remnant in his or her best utmost purity, bravely casting himself away from all beast ties, provisions, benefits, etc, as Revelation 18:4 also clearly warns us for these times.   We are perhaps of the last surviving few who are now understanding and accepting the responsibility of being called to be "repairers of the breach" and "restorers of paths to dwell in" for our amazing Father, while gratefully being refined for the coming arrival of Messiah and His glorious official kingdom.  I therefore have written it this way:

"I am not looking to gather with all of the world who are willing to follow the Father a portion of the way, but looking to gather just the remaining portion of the world who are yet willing to follow the Father ALL of the way."

   There's a "contact us" block (at left) if you'd like to reach us with anything specific, would like to be put on our email list, offer help (which we can surely use right now), etc.  
If you'd like to download any of our own published material on the site (its all free), just right click and hit the various "save as" or "download" options on most items, or right click on the occasional blue downward-facing arrow at any item's folder listing.  None of our stuff is copy-written, so send as much of it as you want to those that need it my friends!

Help us turn the world right side up again as the Creator had designed it all!

In His service first, which is then in His truth for my brethren,     
Biblical Correctness Ministries 

We're looking for anybody who feels they can answer this question where none of 
our so-called "freedom" and "patriot" movement experts are yet able to respond:
"How do you stop a wrath of God with man-made solutions?"
(YHWH'S solution is repentance.  But the unsaved despise hearing that.  See why here.)
"Those have reason to fear perishing in their sins, that cannot 
bear to be frightened out of them." -Matthew Henry 1662-1714

See our youtube video "Who Enforces Liberty?" that confronts a largely misunderstood concept of many patriot groups today who feel that man can somehow "fix things" with man-written laws and somehow stop this global madness.

With the end times fast approaching, are we sure we are "saved"?  What exactly is "saved"?  Is it just saying a five-minute prayer with someone else who really doesn't seem to have changed very much anyway himself?  ... or is it in also wanting to endlessly increase his or her wisdom, maturity, and knowledge of their Creator as we learn to embrace the Father's "perfect law of liberty"?

There's a lot involved in being "saved", and a lot more than just saying that you are a "born again believer" if your fruits don't look that much different than the fruits of the people in the world around you.  

If you think you might be in the same boat as the character in the clip we have here and its bothering you, then that's actually a good sign that your conscience is working to some degree yet, and you are at least on the right track, where you are likely here in the first place because you don't want to end up "sweating bullets" when standing before the court of the Father on judgment day.    --You've come to the right place.

   Its not the end of the world, but the beginning of a much better one once you know the deeper layers of how they had, over time, slowly but successfully hidden the truth of our Creator from us in every aspect of our lives.  
   There is a God, and there is hope, even governmentally!  If you don't know Him yet and this great hope that we have found yourself, you may have just possibly been taught wrong by the very same cabal of globalist-loyal churches that had intentionally misled many of us here at the ministry wrong over the years at first as well, which is precisely why we are here--to share all that we have learned through decades of serious corrective research, as we have also found great encouragement and comfort in doing so.  So don't think anything foolish or do anything rash my friends.  Let us share this amazing re-emerging information with you, that you might be at peace in your heart in seeing this new hope as well.

"First Do No Harm"
Should Christians at least follow some form of Hippocratic Oath in their daily lives since so many have lost touch with the idea and practice of sacrificing one's self for others?

"Communists and satanists sacrifice others for the good of the whole, 
those in Christ sacrifice themselves."  -dwaine

Biblical Correctness Ministries
Home of America's most 'hated' preacher.

"He who tells the truth shall be chased from seven villages." 
--ancient Semite saying

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
--galatians 4:16

"They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, 
and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly."
 -Amos 5:10

"truth is hate, to those who hate truth"

(I don't suppose Noah was very popular either, so why
 should lowly old me expect any more appreciation than
Noah had in today's similar times of hatred for Father's ways?)

Are we called to appease the multitudes of the world and the many lukewarm?
...or are we called to preach truth, seeking those last few who have an ear,
yearning for their Creator's kingdom?

"preach to please men, be rewarded by men.
preach to please YHWH, be rewarded by YHWH."

"If the world hates you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you."  
-Yeshua (from John 15:18)

"Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches,
in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake." 
-2nd Corinthians 12:10

"Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them."  
-Psalm 119:165